Water And Lies, and What You Can Do About It.

There is a “new” water contamination issue in the news; lead in the water in Newark, NJ. People are up in arms and officials are denying that they knew anything about it.

But here’s the thing, this isn’t a new issue and the officials are lying. My father and I traveled to New Jersey multiple times over 20 years to give a presentation about water quality to the New Jersey School Board and other officials. They knew that there was a significant problem with lead in the water back then. Their solution: flush out the water pipes in the schools before the kids got there, at least on the days that the State was going to test the water.

Nothing ever happened as a result of our meetings, and I’m pretty darn confident that their solution today is the same as it was then. Some residents have been given cheap little water filters, but guess what? They don’t work.

Filters like that often say that they can remove lead from the water, but then you will notice that there is an * astrix by the claim. Read the small print and you will find that the filters are approved to remove FLAKES of lead, but not dissolved lead. Again, deception.

If there is one thing to take from all of my writings about water quality it’s this…

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The Official SOCRATES GOLD Spotify Playlist

I’ve created a playlist for SOCRATES GOLD that contains a great collections of songs, new and old. It contains all kinds of different styles of music, so if there is a song that you don’t like (probably not going to happen) just skip it and go to the next song.

If you are a member of Spotify I know you can add this playlist to your app and play it whenever you want. You may be able to play the songs directly from this page too. Isn’t that cool?!

Have suggestions on songs I should add? Tell me in the comments.

The Single Most Dangerous Threat to Our Freedom.

I love the USA. Period. I love the USA.

Many people say that they love the USA, but what does this mean? What specifically do they love? I think it’s important to be precise with our language.

I love the American people.

I love our society.

I love how generous we are.

Do I love the government though? This is where it gets interesting…

I love our wonderful Constitution, because it codifies our deep seated values of individual freedom and independence. I love the Constitution because it LIMITS the power of our government. I love the checks and balances of our system of government because it prevents the people in power from grabbing more power, because people in power (both on the Right or the Left) always want more power.

Let me repeat that last point, “People in Power Always Want More Power.” This is a fact that’s been proven throughout history, and it’s as true now as it has ever been.

That is why I am very concerned over one specific issue facing the USA right now; massive vote manipulation on a scale that completely eliminates the concept of a free and fair election, and thus bypasses, subverts and effectively nullifies the Constitution.

No, I’m not talking about Russia. Nor am I referring to China, or even North Korea…

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You Need a VPN! But You Need to Be Careful!

I’ve written about Virtual Private Networks (VPN) in the past. If you aren’t using one, you need to do so immediately! It’s a crucial part of staying safe online.


Here’s the thing, there are some VPNs that are put out by some less than honest companies (such as Facebook) that can actually compromise your security instead of improve it.


The simplified description of a VPN is that it is a software program (or app) that you load onto your computer, tablet or phone. When you access the internet, the VPN creates an encrypted “tunnel” that will keep your internet connection anonymous and secure so people can’t snoop on you.


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