Thank You!

A big THANK YOU from my family to yours for your support in our ZAM-POP! pre-launch! This was a big effort to get pre-orders before we start manufacturing, and it was a big success!

You can still order ZAM-POP! for your family and friends. It’s also a great game for church groups, youth organizations, scouting troops… any group that wants to unplug and have loads of fun!

We also had a great pre-launch party at our local Hobby Town. Everyone loved it! Watch our video and scroll down to see some pictures!

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Make a Powerful Change in Your Life Right Now.

Socrates Gold

In this article I want to give you a very practical tip for making a real change in your life right now.

I’ve previously written about the “Bright Line” approach to making changes. In short, it means to draw a line in the sand. It’s about making a very simple, clear rule in your life that you will follow. There is no fudging. There is no weighing pros and cons. It’s a firm decision, and because there is no judgement involved it bypasses the judgement part of the brain, which is the part of your brain that fights you and wears on your willpower.

Step One: Decide what you want to accomplish.

This is your big picture goal. For example, I want to lose 20 pounds within 60 days.

Step Two: Figure out some very simple things that you can do to achieve this goal.

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Should I Get My Water Tested?


I often get the question, “Should I get my water tested?”

This is a great question, because it shows that you are aware that you may have dangerous contaminants in your water without your knowledge.

Remember that unbeknownst to them, thousands of people in Flint, MI were drinking water with dangerously high levels of lead for over a year. Unfortunately, many children were permanently affected by this contamination.

This scenario plays out every day all across the country. After the Flint, MI discovery, USA Today did an investigation and found that over 2,000 locations across the USA also had (and have) high levels of lead in the water. Some of these locations had much higher levels of lead than Flint, MI!

It’s not just lead that you have to worry about either. Water can be contaminated with pesticides, solvents and countless other chemicals.

Many people have been diagnosed with a particular type of cancer that is common in their area. Why would a type of cancer be common in a specific area? Environmental contamination, such as a chemical spill that taints the water supply. A famous example is the high rates of cancer and Lou Gehrig’s disease at the Marine Base at Camp Lejeune.

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Your Brushstrokes of Life

Young people are under a tremendous amount of pressure to figure out what they want to “be” and “do” in their lives. This pressure is greater than ever before.

The questions, “who am I?” and “what do I do?” are questions of identity, your internal belief structure about who you are and how you fit into this world.

Identity is a function of your mind.

The mind wants to have something to grasp onto.

The mind doesn’t like uncertainty.

It doesn’t like the unknown.

The mind is fearful.

It wants anchor points; the stronger the better.

Your mind wants labels; it wants to be defined. I’m a carpenter, an entrepreneur, a political activist, a teacher, a liberal, conservative, or Christian, an American, young, hip, attractive, ugly, male, female, strong, funny, a good writer, a nerd, a jock, gay, an athlete, etc.

Here’s an important point to understand…

To the mind, being undefined is painful. Your mind would rather have physical or emotional pain than be undefined, so if it doesn’t have labels, it will latch onto whatever it can, even negative labels. I’m a thief, a smoker, a gambler, a drunk, a drug addict, a loser, poor, or handicapped.

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