A Different Perspective on the Corona Virus

There is a lot of fear surrounding the corona virus right now, so I want to give you another perspective that may be helpful. As I see it, the most important thing to do when assessing these types of threats is to look at the quality of information we are getting, and the motivations behind the sources of information (and misinformation).

We each have our own filters on how we perceive the world, and there are many hidden agendas that color what is said. Here’s how I look at it…

THE MEDIA. The fact is, the media is HIGHLY motivated to stoke people’s fear. They want people on the verge of panicking, while acting like they are trying to keep people calm. The more fear that people have, the more they are glued to the news. This makes the news media more money and gives them more influence. You will remember that the media wanted to turn SARS, H1N1, the Bird Flu, ZIKA and the “Ebola” scare into much bigger events than they were, but none of those events had “legs”. You could almost feel their disappointment that these diseases didn’t become much bigger than they were. But now, the media has found something that they can finally get people worked up about. Their mouths are now watering over the corona virus. In my humble opinion, we should not trust the media, especially as it pertains to this issue.

WALL STREET. The stock market loves predictability, so for the most part, Wall Street is motivated to keep people calm. Of course, there are opportunistic investors who love chaos and can make a killing when markets crash (George Soros is an expert at this, and there are many others). These vultures will do anything to sow panic.

BANKS. The single scariest thing for banks is panic. They need to keep everyone calm, because if a lot of people try to take all their money out at one time, the banks will crash. There are mechanisms that the banks have now that will prevent this (they can legally seize your money now), but while these mechanisms will help them in the short term, they will cause considerable distrust in banks for the long term – so they want to maintain calm and do everything in their power to keep people calm.

POLITICS. Politics shouldn’t play a role in this, but it certainly will, especially in an election year. Republicans want to maintain calm and keep the economy strong, while Democrats will place blame on Trump. Beyond this though, there are undoubtedly factions within the Democratic Party who hate Trump so much that they would be willing to magnify an economic problem this year in order to weaken Trump’s electibility.

THE GOVERNMENT. The government is not a single entity, and thus has conflicting motivations.

  • The Administration wants to keep the economy strong and keep people calm and safe.
  • Typically, the scariest thing in the world for Bureaucrats is a panicked public. This however, will depend upon whether they are pro or anti-Trump. So there will be conflicting motivations.
  • The military, CIA and the deep state sees every threat as an opportunity to further restrict the freedom of Americans. There will certainly be new laws that come out of this that will reduce our freedoms “for our own good”.
  • THE CDC, hopefully, will remain out of politics and just want to keep everyone safe.

BUSINESSES. Some businesses will want to stoke fears to increase their business, but mostly, businesses are mostly concerned about the supply chain problems and will want to keep people calm.

Here’s a Word from Dr. Andrew Weil…

My Thoughts…

As someone who has spent a lot of time trying to tell people to be prepared, I personally am not scared of the actual corona virus in the slightest. I don’t plan on making any lifestyle changes, nor am I scared to travel on planes. I will put a little more focus on staying healthy, including eating right and getting enough sleep, but that’s it.

My opinion may change in the future, but for now I think it’s completely overblown. I am concerned slightly for someone I love, because she is older and has some respiratory problems anyway, so I’d be concerned if she caught it. I will keep an eye on her and encourage her to stay healthy.

As always, I think it’s prudent to be prepared. We never know what is going to happen, so be as prepared as you can be. Stock up now if you haven’t already because shelves may be empty in your area soon.

What I AM concerned about, however, is the disruption that can happen. I’m concerned about the economy and I’m concerned about how this will be used politically.

I’m really worried about the economy. The corona virus has created a significant disruption to the manufacturing supply chain, which will cause shortages of products, and will reduce earnings, which will definitely have a ripple effect throughout the world. This could turn into a serious economic problem, so plan accordingly based on your situation.

Mostly, I’m concerned about the banking system. If this actually turns into a real panic, there could be a run on the banks, which would have massive economic consequences.

IN SUMMARY, in this article I am simply telling you what I currently think. I may change my mind as time goes on. I’m not providing any advice for you, other than a reminder to think about the different agendas that people have. Mostly, don’t trust the media. Their agenda is not necessarily aligned with you or the country’s best interest.

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  1. Absolutely 100% agree with your “thoughts” on this subject and all the tie- ins or crossovers as it relates to other areas of our lives.
    Thanks for your thoughts and being willing to speak them

  2. Thank you for your calm and level headed approach. I am tired of all the hysteria. As you noted, if one takes the time and effort to be healthy ( eat , move and think well) the immune system will take care of most assaults. Interesting to note that some doctors in China are attacking this virus with IV vitamin C as it is anti viral. You can read articles by doctors and the science at Orthomolecular.org/research . Also, YouTube has been removing videos about the treatment of ‘corona’ with vitamin C and there is more media pushback against allowing people to hear about it. They are pushing it as fake medicine. Hmmmmm.. Surprised? Unfortunately, more of the same.

  3. About COVID19, I am of the same mind set. It appears to me to be a man-made variant. Especially knowing that is has a high recurrence rate and that it contains a few key strands of HIV genetic coding. Dr. Weil suggests great remedies. A strong immune system will be no match for this threat. Oreganol P73 works great to rupture virus cell structure.
    To your great health,

  4. I think they are going to use this CV to crash the economy and officially announce The New World Order. Seems to be heading that way, jmo. Quarantine and forced vaccinations too.

    1. Definitely also feel as if this might be the long desired way to place greater control over us masses. the CDC doesn’t work for the people but for the few (otherwise they’d have demanded safe vaccines decades ago instead of pushing known toxins onto the people).

      Happy Birthday!

  5. Right on point Glenn, as usual! Agree completely. Sad that money & politics are putting more lives in danger, our economy, the world economy, & Americans trust!

    Daniel- This New World Order theory isn’t happening here ever or not unless this country has become a socialist/communist country! The government will not be forcing anything like that, unless they want to be tyrannical & people tell them NO.. One way or the other.
    Unless, it’s some kind of virus that kills everyone who gets it without being vaccinated. Highly unlikely to happen & nothing like COVID-19. Which is just a more contagious & slightly deadlier virus. No mass freakout with SARS & MERS, which were much more deadly. Somehow the seasonal flu in 2019 that killed close to 80K Americans of all ages was no big deal but this virus is. ???? Ridiculous! Listen to the CDC & NIH. Both usually apolitical!

  6. Thank you, Glenn, for your clear-headed viewpoint. My husband and I share your thoughts. In my humble opinion, nobody gets off this rock alive. That is the ‘circle of life’. We are conceived and from that moment on, our cells begin dying as others grow, perform their specific function, and then they die. I agree that the media is being played by master puppeteers simply to raise their ratings. The real difference between the corona virus and the others you mention is that this virus has gotten out of hand. I live in Washington State and although I feel sad for those families who have lost a loved one, why is it that the media don’t share the tremendous numbers of people of all ages who die daily from vehicle accidents, the yearly flu, suicides, and opioid and other drug related deaths. These statistics are higher than all those who have passed from the corona virus. It’s a fact of life that we will all die at some time. May the deep state become infected by the corona virus and be generous in sharing it with their cronies. One last thought… this saying is so trite, but it is appropriate at this time… live, laugh, love.

    1. Thanks Dawn. The media is either being completely irresponsible, or they want to crash the economy.

  7. “BANKS. […] (they can legally seize your money now),”
    Question: have you ever thought about what this really means?

    1. Yes, the banking laws have changed since 2008. Now your deposits are not deposits, but rather when you deposit money in a bank you are treated like a creditor, not a depositor. In other words, as soon as you put money in a bank it’s technically not your money anymore, as I understand it.

  8. Sorry Glenn, don’t agree. The media is a business and just like any business it’s bottom line is money. Don’t like it? Too bad because you’re a couple of decades too late to do anything about it now. They’re not good, they’re not evil, they’re a business. Don’t like what they’re saying? Don’t listen.

    You must like trump. Good for you. A lot of people do not like trump. Good for them. Stop throwing blame. It is most unhelpful to fan those flames.

    There is a new virus in the world that people have no immunity to and it is spreading around the world. That’s it. Do whatever you want. Hunker down or do the town. Whatever you want, but don’t ‘complain’ about the political aspect of it because when you do you are adding to that very toxic political atmosphere. We have enough.

    If the media downplayed the Coronavirus they’d catch heck for that too and rightfully so. It’s a no win situation for America and just adds to the ugliness of our society.

    By now people should know to wash their hands, cover their coughs and sneezes, stay home if sick. That’s all that needs to be said.

    1. Well, that’s my point. The media has an agenda, and that agenda is their own money and power primarily and an ideological agenda secondarily. I am a capitalist, but I believe that business should be about serving people with a higher good in mind. The media is being completely irresponsible in how it is whipping up panic. And it’s not a matter of, “If you don’t like it, don’t listen”. They are going to cause a lot of people pain and misfortune for their own benefit. It’s wrong. Primarily my message though, is to encourage people to see the different agendas behind different voices out there. I’m encouraging calm, and I believe more people should be doing the same.

  9. This is either an accidental release of a genetically modified coronavirus from a research facility in Wuhan China or an intentional test run of a “novel” genetically modified coronavirus to see the effects and transmissibility among a population,
    This is nothing new as governments including the US government have tested various pathogens on it’s citizens for a very long time.
    It’s no coincidence that there exists a research facility in Wuhan China that works with coronaviruses and this is where the outbreak started.
    As a response to deflect attention but offers a clear admission of guilt is that China blamed a fish market before China was even pointed at and blamed for being the culprit of the Covid-19 virus’ origin.
    This is the MO of clandestine activities of governments.
    So whether it was an accident or a trial run of a new virus that can be modified again to be more deadly we do know that it has an exponential transmission rate.
    As for the NWO comment the NWO works in the shadows and here in the US the citizenry will not have a say nor will the US government have a say when the NWO wants to implement one of their agendas…this one being depopulation because they want a world population of only 500 million.

  10. I agree…
    Three other data points:




  11. In December 2018, I was diagnosed with asthma due to damage caused to my lungs by smoke inhalation. I technically fall in the “medically fragile” category. I am NOT panicked, nor scared of the virus. I am trying to boost my immune system, and limit my exposure. I am more concerned about when the masses panic. Thank you for your words of wisdom. Stay healthy!

  12. I agree, at this point the virus is less concerning than what it might be used to justify. That said, I’ve read it can spread through feces. Will this make biosolids and therefore non-organic food a vector?

  13. Glenn you wrote, ” I personally am not scared of the actual corona virus in the slightest. I don’t plan on making any lifestyle changes, nor am I scared to travel on planes. I will put a little more focus on staying healthy, including eating right and getting enough sleep, but that’s it. My opinion may change in the future, but for now I think it’s completely overblown.”

    Do you still feel the same way about the corona virus? Or has your opinion changed? I am just curious – one way or the other – of what you think now about the corona virus.

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