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  1. Very good story, I hope Washington does not change him and he can change Washington at least a little for the better.

  2. Impressive story! I really admire what you have done with your farm, and that it is self-sustaining! So nice! Keep up the good work in Congress – this was how it was meant to be with politicians! working for the good of the people back home.

    1. Thanks Cheri. Just to be clear, this video is not of me. I think that’s obvious, but the way you worded your message I wanted to make sure. Yes, I think it’s a wonderful story.

  3. Need more people like him in D.C. . What a down to earth, genius, with a heart to keep it simple. Thanks for sharing “Off the Grid”

  4. I like this story a lot. I thing there are many people who want to live this way, it is just made very difficult by politics and big companies. People want to go back to a healthier and happier live. The question is, where is it possible? I don’t want to build a homestead and get told I can’t do this or that and have to fight for everything I want to do my way. Why did we allow people to tell us what we can do and what we cannot on our own land? As long we don’t hurt anyone and there is no harm in it, why are we not allowed to live the life we want? Are some people afraid they might lose the power over us?

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