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  • Socrates = wisdom and introspection.
  • Gold = wealth.

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Meet Glenn

Let me introduce myself. I’m Glenn Meder, SOCRATES GOLD founder and wisdom curator. I love being an entrepreneur. I create products and helps other people market their products and fix their businesses. But what I really love to do is collect and curate ideas.

Life isn’t one-dimensional, so neither is this newsletter. I cover many topics from health, to online security, entertainment, money, the latest news,  entrepreneurship and occasionally politics. I talk about topics that I’m interested in at the moment, and topics that I think you’ll be interested in. I like to mix it up.

Each issue of SOCRATES GOLD features five (or so) original and curated ideas to help us live wisely and enjoy our days.

My commitment to you is that I will do my best to create interesting, honest and sincere content. I see this newsletter as a way to give back to you and the world. I have a strong belief and deep desire to serve others, and SOCRATES GOLD is one way I try to do that.

I also want to hear from you. What nuggets of wisdom have you encountered or discovered? Please tell me about them by emailing me.

I try to publish SOCRATES GOLD once a week, and I pretty much stick to this schedule. If I skip a week once and a while, forgive me.

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