Welcome! I’m Glenn Meder; an entrepreneur, writer, advisor and father. I love breathing life into ideas and bringing them to life. I create products that help people. I love seeing people succeed and I love helping people succeed.

This is one thing that I know: we live in a great country and it’s a great time to be alive. The entrepreneurial spirit is what drives this country. It is the wind in our sails. Thank God for freedom!

Here are some of the things that I do…

My weekly newsletter is called SOCRATES GOLD.

Life isn’t one-dimensional, so neither is my newsletter. I cover many topics from health, to online security, entertainment, money, the latest news, entrepreneurship and occasionally politics. I talk about topics that I’m interested in at the moment, and topics that I think you’ll be interested in. I do my best to create interesting, honest and sincere content.

For some reason (I don’t get it) a lot of people like to hear what I have to say. Maybe you will too. Sign up and give it a spin.

My latest product is ZAM-POP! ZAM-POP! is a super exciting, fast-paced card game that gets your heart pumping, competitive juices flowing, and oaths flying! It’s pure family fun! It’s awesome, it’s fun and it’s crazy. Please check it out here.

(Although ZAM-POP! may seem silly and out of place, there can be no higher mission than bringing family and friends together in fun and laughter. Plus, it’s a great game and working on it is therapeutic for me).

The Survival Still was a breakthrough product that I designed and brought to market. The Survival Still is the single most effective way to protect your family from dangerous contaminants that could be in your water in an emergency situation.

THE SURVIVAL STILL CAN PURIFY POND WATER, LAKE WATER AND EVEN OCEAN WATER – FOREVER! It’s the most effective emergency purifier on the planet!
MEETS RED CROSS AND FEMA RECOMMENDATIONS for treating dangerously contaminated water in an emergency!
LONG-TERM PROTECTION! Unlike filters, the Survival Still will ALWAYS produce high-purity water, even if you used it every day for thirty or forty years.
BUILT LIKE A TANK! Made of 18-gauge heavy duty stainless steel. Designed without welds and without moving parts for ultimate durability and reliability, which is why we offer a Lifetime Warranty & Lifetime Performance Guarantee.
Designed and Manufactured in the USA by the world’s leading distillation experts.

I like teaching about water quality and it’s impact on people’s health, especially as it pertains to water in an emergency. The fact is, after a disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane or terror event, water can become dangerously contaminated. I created EmergencyWater101.com as a community service because there was so much bad information on the web. Check it out. You will certainly learn something you never knew before!

As a supplement to EmergencyWater101.com, I created a detailed video course and ebook about how to properly store water in an emergency. This valuable information is not found anywhere else, and is truly vital information that everyone should know. This is the only thing that I actually charge money for on EmergencyWater101.com, and it’s well worth it. This course is provided to all premium members of my newsletter.

The SOCRATES FIRE is the ultimate rocket stove! It’s super efficient, it’s constructed with heavy duty stainless steel and it’s incredibly portable! The SOCRATES FIRE is the only product in my line-up that I didn’t actually invent. I’d been looking for a great rocket stove for years, and when I found this design I purchased the global rights, fine-tuned the design, improved the quality control and added it to my product line.

I also provide marketing services for companies with my Trusted Leader Marketing company. At Trusted Leader Marketing we help create education-based sales processes that generates stable, reproducible sales while earning trust and authority. Learn more here.