Crucial Education about Money!

While COVID-19 is causing chaos and scaring the heck out of everyone, there is a significant change happening to our monetary system. Unfortunately, I believe that the virus nightmare is only the beginning of our problems. It is going to uncover the truly shaky ground that our dollar is on. I urge you to spend a little bit of time to watch this very interesting series of seven videos, because you will see that the changes to our economy are inevitable. Again, this is VERY important information.

These videos give you the foundation of what you need to know, and then next week I will tell you specifically what I think is really happening right now.








Please share the most important points of what you’ve learned in the comments below. I’m very interested to get into a conversation about this.

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  1. have heard/read that there is a law stating we are the banks creditors and they [in times of collapse? confiscate the money we have deposited , do you have any comment/info on such, I have not had a chance to view the videos you e-mailed as yet

  2. My husband and one of our grown sons have been watching Mr. Maloney’s material for several years. It is all happening (albeit several later than expected) as he studied and concluded just by recognizing history repeating, imagine that. We have done a few shifts in our thinking and habits but the most important habit we have is reading God’s word and praying together. In God we trust, not any man, no matter how good he seems. We do pray for the men and women in positions of influence and authority to have Godly counsel around them to help them make truly wise decisions. Our confidence remains in Christ. North America needs revival.

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