For The Love of a Dumb Home!

Aren’t we living in a wonderful time, where we can install Alexa and just ask it to turn down the temperature or order us toilet paper? Just think of the seconds we save by asking Google Home to play music for us! Isn’t it great how we can install security cameras in our children’s rooms so we can keep an eye on them at all times.

Never mind that there have been numerous cases of hackers watching people for days in their homes on their own security cameras. Watch this…

Keep in mind that they always talk about hackers, but what about employees at the company? You MUST assume that employees can watch you at any time.

And Google and Amazon have been caught red handed with people listening in on conversations in people’s homes.

And Apple is not innocent either after SIRI was caught listening for zippers and sounds of sex so they can listen in.

Or how about this recent warning from the FBI that your Smart TV (which has a camera on it that looks right at you) can be used to spy on you in your home.

If these things don’t bother you, then by all means have a Smart Home. I for one, do not have a Smart TV. I will never have an Alexa and I sure as heck will NEVER have anything that Google does in my home. I do not buy into the whole Smart Home Shtick, and I never will.

Yes, I have a computer with a camera on it, which I cover. And yes, I have an iPhone, which could probably watch or listen in on me, which I haven’t figured out how to get around yet, but I’m working on it.

Here’s what it comes down to; do you trust these companies? Do you trust the employees at these companies? The answer for me is “HELL NO!!”

As much as possible, I embrace a dumb home and I am always striving to make it dumber. I encourage you to distrust anything called “Smart”. Distrust big tech and especially distrust Google.

Do you feel the same way? Comment below.

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  1. No TV, no video machines, no vehicles, no cameras except on the only computer in the place and that is taped over, no Smart phone – is that a dumb enough house? I don’t even live in America! NO Problems!

  2. Any idea how I can tell if I have a smart TV?
    About 5 – 10 years ago I bought a 72″flat screen made by “Sharp,” but I’ve never really discussed “Smart” technology with anyone. Is there a list of “Smart” electronic devices somewhere?

    1. If it does anything other that flip channels, it’s probably a smart TV. I suggest you look it up online to see what the specs are.

    1. I have a flip phone . The more we let technology do it for us, we lose something of our own ability. Fewer people seem to be able to do simple math in their head since the calculator . The brain is like a muscle . Use it or lose it . When someone gives me a hard time about my “antique” phone I tell them I would rather be a smart person with a dumb phone than a dumb person with a smart phone.

  3. You are so correct! We have been sold a bill of goods in the name of ease and efficiency but what we get is total erosion of our privacy. Never in my home. We have willingly given up control of ourselves for a 5 second time savings. Talk about being dumber down by your “smart home”.

  4. Glenn,

    Thank You for this article on the current Smart technology. I feel exactly the same as you in this regard!

    Seven years ago I “cut the cable” and watch only OTA (over the air) TV, and I don’t even miss having 165+ channels, that I never watched, but still had to pay for!

    However, I also watch Netflix… on a Smart TV.

    So, my question: Is there a way to, even partially, dumb-down a Smart TV without giving up Netflix? I’m thinking, microphone and camera at the very least. I know my viewing could/would still be monitored by big brother, but they would soon be bored to death, as I only watch old movies and PBS!



    1. As far as I know, the only TVs you can buy nowadays are Smart TVs. But you can buy a big, awesome computer monitor and run Netflix, Hulu, Prime, etc from your computer.

  5. My grand daughter bought me a Vector mini robot for Christmas last year. It’s amazing, but I don’t trust it. I feel like he is looking around my house for information. Do you have any information or thoughts on Vector?

    1. I don’t know about Vector, but I would definitely be suspicious. Look at this article about Roomba, the robot vacuum.

  6. Glenn,
    I understand where you are coming from as far as wanting to “dumb” your house. However, no matter how “dumb” your house is, whether you like it or not, in this technological world we live in these days where technology is changing at a rate faster than light, your personal information is not as private as you might think. And your personal information will never be private in the future no matter how dumb you make your home.

    1. Tom, you’re missing the point. Having someone steal my personal information is one thing, but actually having devices in my home that record what I say and watch what I do, NO WAY! Remember, the article always refers to hackers, but it’s not just hackers. Employees at the company, and I’m sure the NSA, can watch you ANY TIME THEY WANT TO. They say that they won’t do this, so do you trust them? Why even given them the means to do it?!

  7. What email do you use if you don’t like G-o-o-g-l-e; I too don’t trust them, but have used gmail for years and all my stuff is linked to it. I also don’t like Chrome so I use Firefox and duck, duck go as a search engine.
    Thanks for all your insight and encouragement.

    1. Good question. Step One. Go to Protonmail. Sign up for the free account or a paid account (I recommend a paid account). Step two, go to and sign up for the most important newsletter that there is. Step Three. Start using Protonmail and dump Gmail forever!

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