How Ancient Remedies are Changing Modern Medicine.

Photographs by Fritz Hoffmann

Many doctors and scientists dismiss ancient remedies as pseudoscience and quackery, and in some cases they may be right. But to ignore the wisdom of our ancestors is ignorant and arrogant. These ancestors may not have known the science behind why something worked, but they were very good at determining what worked.

Now, scientists and even large pharmaceutical companies are researching these ancient methods to discover compounds they can turn into medicines. Read more here.

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  1. The whole thing about this that bothers me, is that once ‘Big Pharma’ gets their hands on a ‘traditional’ item and patents the compound, it makes it difficult for anyone to use/produce/sell the original product. Look at what is going on with homeopathic remedies these days. Will they outlaw growing your own medicinal plants like elderberry and echinacea? Will they ultimately outlaw TCM? Only MD/DO can prescribe the ‘Big Pharma’ versions of ‘traditional’ remedies? Traditional practicioners become ‘out lawed’? Okay, I have exposed my bias, so I will get off my high horse. There is a slippery slope here, and the high hope is that enough people become aware of the successes of ‘alternative’ methods that ‘Big Pharma’ with their deep pockets, face enough of a backlash to prevent them taking over the ‘alternative’ market.

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