I Love Stevia!

You surely know about stevia, right? It’s an all natural replacement for sugar that, in my humble opinion, actually tastes better than sugar. Not only this, but it has many health benefits. Marjory Wildcraft’s Grow Network posted a great article on stevia recently, so I wanted to share this excellent article with you. Check it out here.

What have you learned about stevia? Talk to us in the comments!

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    1. I love it too. In my perspective, it tastes better than sugar because it doesn’t give me an aftertaste.

  1. Stevia like raw milk and A2 milk has as many detractors as promoters and very little has been proven in the scientific world.
    By accident I was introduced to stevia many years ago and have introduced many others to try it, most have been satisfied with their personal results in suppressing their taste for sugar, as a substitute in cooking, diabetes management and some other health related conditions.

    1. Hi Douglas. Yes, we’ve had some comments from some people who say there is a lot of evidence that stevia is not good.

  2. I received this comment by email from Bruce Fife and he gave me permission to post it in the comments…

    Hi Glenn,

    I would like say that I enjoy your newsletter and the variety of topics it contains. As a nutritionist and naturopathic physician I especially enjoy your articles on health and generally agree with most everything you’ve written.

    Your most recent newsletter has a link to an article on stevia written by Marjory Wildcraft. I like to read Marjory’s articles as well. Although her article on stevia is well-written, sadly it is filled with errors and misconceptions. In the article she repeats a lot of myths that are often repeated about stevia that are simply not true. The references she gives comes from articles written by other promoters of stevia who are also ill informed.

    The truth is, stevia is not a healthy sweetener, many people are allergic to it, and it does cause adverse side effects. All of this is documented by published medical studies. I have spent a good deal of time researching stevia, reading just about every published study available on the subject. Those who promote stevia seem to ignore the many studies that show adverse effects.

    At one time, I promoted stevia as a harmless sweetener. I even developed numerous recipes using it and included many of those recipes in my books on health (I’ve written over 20 books on natural health and diet). However, after using and recommending it for some time, I was constantly troubled to see it produce undesirable side effects. At first I ignored them because I was so enthralled with the possibility of a natural, harmless sweetener that I couldn’t see what was staring me in the face. Finally, I couldn’t ignore them any longer and decided to investigate the plant in full detail. It is from this research that I discovered the the dark side of stevia that nobody wants to talk about. I wrote a book on the topic titled “The Stevia Deception.”

    Below are links to a couple of articles I’ve written on stevia that were published in my newsletter and are posted on my website:



    I believe readers should have all the facts when making decisions that can affect their health. Unfortunately, most people are promoting the use of stevia with information that is simply not true and may lead people to use a product that could cause a lot of harm. In order to give your readers a more balanced view on the topic, perhaps you could include these articles or links to the articles in one of your future newsletters.

    Best wishes,
    Bruce Fife, CN, ND

    1. I appreciate the comment and I totally agree that people need to do all research. Here is a document that I found that discusses the health benefits of stevia, with references to the actual studies. I have not done extensive research myself in this. https://steviabenefits.org/science/

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