Emergency Water 101: Introduction & Table of Contents

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Welcome to Emergency Water 101: The Basics. In this short video, we introduce our core training and tell you what you’ll learn in the course. Remember: This basic course is FREE, so please share it with your friends and family.

For your reference, we provide a transcript (like the one below) of each video lesson.


Lesson 1: The Real Threats To Our Water Supply

Lesson 2: How to Provide Your Family With Safe Water

Lesson 3: Assessing The Danger Level

Advanced Training: Storing Water for an Emergency (Premium Content)

See my recommendations on how you should ensure the safety of your family’s drinking water every day.


Hi. My name is Glenn Meder. Welcome to our free training videos about how to provide your family with safe drinking water in an emergency. We are blessed to live in a society with fantastic infrastructure which brings safe drinking water right to our taps. For this reason, we never really have to think about the safety of our drinking water. But this can all change in an instant. Earth quakes, hurricanes, terrorism, or massive power outages can strike without warning, and when they do, your tap water can quickly become dangerously contaminated.

The most important thing you’ll need to keep your family safe when this happens is knowledge. That’s why we created Emergency Water 101.com. Our mission is to teach you how to provide your family with safe drinking water in an emergency situation. The three videos you’re about to watch will give you the core knowledge you’ll need to keep your family safe. The first video outlines the real threats to our water supply and explains how contaminated water is a serious danger in an emergency. This video helps you understand exactly why you need to be informed and prepared.

Video two teaches you the Red Cross and FEMA recommendations for treating water in an emergency. It covers the different types of contaminants that can put your family at risk and the appropriate treatment methods. The third video talks about different types of water emergencies and trains you on how to assess your situation and take appropriate actions. When you are done with these three videos you will have a basic knowledge you’ll need to keep your family safe.

We urge you to share these free videos with everyone you know, especially your friends, loved ones, teachers, daycare workers, and church and community leaders. So go ahead and get started with our first training video now.

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