Last Chance for a Collector’s Edition of ZAM-POP!

This weekend we held a ZAM-POP! party at our local Hobby Town. ZAM-POP! is an intense new family card game that I’ve introduced in partnership with my son. It’s a ton of fun and it will soon be the biggest game in town!

We had about 50 people show up. There was a ton of laughing, shouting and all around craziness. We had one guy show up who works with youth groups all over the USA, and he loved it.

Our goal with the event was to introduce people to it, let them play it and simply have fun. It was a great success! People had a wonderful time. I was hoping to have some pictures and video for you, but my video guy hasn’t finished producing them yet.

Right now we are offering a great discount on a collector’s edition version of the game, but this special offer ends Friday night! If you want to bring your family and friends together in fun and laughter, you want this game!

Here’s a quick video we did about it…

Get yours today!

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