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My brother and I in China. (I’m the good looking one.)

A couple weeks ago my brother and I went to China and Japan. I like exploring and discovering the similarities and differences between cultures. If you’ve followed me for a while you know that I am privacy and security obsessed, especially when traveling.

When you’re halfway around the world, a lost (or stolen) wallet, money or passport can cost tons of money and cause terrible hassle and ruin a trip. So I have so go to travel items that I think are HUGELY important…

Pick-Pocket Proof Pants. When traveling you’re distracted, you’re not paying attention and you’re in someone else’s domain. You have to navigate unfamiliar streets and crowds of people – I mean crazy amounts of people! But here’s the thing, I want to be in the moment. I want to enjoy the surroundings without having to constantly keep my hand on my wallet, and constantly staying aware of my pockets. That’s why my number one item when traveling is my pick-pocket-proof-pants. These pants have pockets within pockets. You can zip them up and button them after you zip them. I love these pants (they also have shirts and jackets). I simply will not travel without them.

Silent Pocket (see coupon code below). The next must have item on my travel list is a wallet and passport holder from Silent Pocket. These products look like normal wallets and passport holders, but they are electromagnetically shielded so people can’t steal your identity from a distance. Today’s credit cards and passports have RFID chips in them, which means that people can scan them from a distance! They can simply walk next to you with a scanner and steal all of your information. I don’t just use these items when I travel, but I always use them. This is the way of the world today. To look at their full range of products from backpacks, briefcases, wallets and more (they even have an option to make their backpack bulletproof), go here. Use the coupon code: “happiness” (no parenthesis) for a 15% discount.

Private Internet Access (VPN) And of course, don’t even think of getting online from your phone or your computer without using a good VPN (virtual private network). This is an app that you download and run in the background. It’s cheap and vital. FYI, it’s important to choose a trusted VPN. Some VPNs are sketchy and may steal your info. I follow some really high end privacy blogs and this is the service that they recommend, which is why I recommend it.

I also suggest that you check out my previous article about online security.

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