My Nomination Predictions for 2020

I shudder at the thought that we will soon be in the next election year. This is going to be a REALLY tough one. Both sides are going to be in a knock down, drag-out fight regardless of the collateral damage to the country.

I’m going to roll out my crystal ball and make a very early prediction of who I think is actually going to be the nominees for each party.

ON THE REPUBLICAN TICKET, it’s going to be Trump. But I think he’s going to drop Pence in favor of Niki Haley. I think this will be a good move for him.

THE DEMOCRATIC TICKET will be a much bigger surprise.

My prediction is based on what I’ve observed about how the Democrats work. The Democrats want the country to swing WAY to the left, but they know the country is not going to support that yet. So their strategy is to put the most Socialist candidates out there and have them duke it out, each trying to see how far towards the Socialist spectrum they can swing the country. But in reality, I don’t think that the Democratic Party has any intention of running any of the current candidates. The current group of candidates are fodder and none of them could beat Trump. Instead the Democratic Party will bring in a surprise candidate at the last minute. I suspect that candidate will be either Michelle Obama or Oprah. This late candidate will run as a moderate, and will take the Trump camp by surprise. Their strategy will be to make the battle about classy versus non-classy. This will be a very powerful move for the Democrats.

THE LIBERTARIAN TICKET will be… well unfortunately it doesn’t matter. Even though the vast majority of Americans support Libertarian views far more than either of the other two parties, the Libertarian Party will continue to be as useless as soggy bread.

What say you? Please comment below.

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  1. Neither Michael nor Oprah would have a chance if democrats had brains, but since that’s not the case, the 60+ million Trump haters will just vote the ticket as they have been trained that our president is a greater danger to the country than having a trans-sexual or a TV star (yes the president is a TV star, but he also is a businessman) running the country. The economy and our status in the world notwithstanding, they would rather be trapped in the socialist camp than have to think for themselves.

    The communists have done an excellent job of indoctrinating our children and our lack of serious parenting has lead us to this.

    God help the United States of America.

    1. Excellent observations. I think the leftest Democrat members will likely go with one of the squad. I think they have become true believers and will be required by their beliefs to remain leftists.

  2. Well I think you have hit it spot on. I have looked to the word of the prophets and they say President Trump will win a second term. Its God that put Trump in office and I’m not sure He is done with him yet. also agree with the the comments of Paul about the communists. Which one was it that said “we will take over America and never fire a shot”?

  3. I very much appreciate your light-hearted article. And very much appreciate Paul’s and Eric’s sentiments aligning right with my own. These opinions present a solid consensus among Mr. Trump’s supporters that God sent the businessman to run the country as a business answering my very prayer, and that this very base is rock solid in practice, intending to keep it that way.

  4. Hi Glenn: I agree with your prediction of Trump as the republican candidate. Niki Haley would be a good choice. The only problem is: Can she stand Trump at close range?

    I think good ole two-shot, four-hand Joe will get the nod from the democrats and one of the flaming liberals will get the veep spot. That will scare any hard core folks from perhaps attempting to shorten two-shot’s tenure should he get elected. I think the election will be a nail biter and wind up in front of the supremes especially if the conservatives who aren’t thrilled with Trump don’t get off their duffs and vote.

    Unfortunately, several former Trump lovers have seen him as a gun grabber and plan to sit the election out. If Trump signs a federal red flag law he can kiss a second term goodby.

    While are first blush red flag laws seems like a good idea, the violation of several different articles of the Bill of Rights is truly frightening. If the feds pass a red flag law my fears for the country increase ten fold.

    1. I don’t see Joe or any of the current candidates getting in. I agree with your point about Trump and the red flag rules. If he supports that, he’s not going to win.

  5. I think the democratic candidate will be elizabeth warren. She has been getting the highest polling numbers on the Internet on sites like Daily Kos (a horrible site, by the way). She’s kind of a moderate. I once saw some “progressives” on Facebook bashing her because she was defending capitalism. I don’t think a last minute candidate will be too popular even if they are famous like the two you mentioned. There wouldn’t be enough time to learn what they stand for. Is it even allowed for a candidate to enter the race after the debates are over?

    1. “Is it even allowed for a candidate to enter the race after the debates are over?”

      The Democratic and Republican parties are private organizations. They can do what they want.

  6. Stacy Abrams from Georgia is who they will trot out. She lost the race for Georgia governor, but gave the Democratic response to Trump’s state of the union address, and quickly denied running for the open Senate seat when Republican Johnny Isaakson steps down in January. My guess is there is a much bigger opportunity she knows she has been told is coming her way.

      1. Glenn: I agree. My first thought was: “Stacy, who?” Of course, sometimes strange things happen in politics — I mean stranger than normal. Normally politics are mostly strange. Remember Dewey had the election wrapped up. Well, so did Hillary, for the matter, just ask all the pundits. Even the Republican establishment thought Hillary had it wrapped up.

  7. I think Nikki Haley would be a kicka## addition to the Trump ticket. She’s got some balls and isnt afraid to stand her ground.
    Idk about the last minute runs by M Obama and Oprah, but maybe next time around.
    2020 is going to be a groundbreaking election, moreso than the last.
    I just pray that God continues to bless America, and that America continues to bless God.

  8. I think the world is a much different place today than it was even three years ago. China and Russia are more aggressive and other hostilities in the middle east have grown worse. We will need someone that the world stage can work with and yet fears retaliation. I think Oprah and Michelle are too moderate for the republications to get the votes needed. Niki H. would be a poor choice because it would alienate the evangelical support that Pence brings.
    I don’t play politics and don’t presume to know anything. But having the world believe that Trump is a bully and is not predictable, is a good thing. It brings stability and avoidance at all costs. Having a moderate brings “testing the waters”, front and center.

    1. “Brings stability”? What world do you live in? He is the most disruptive force in international politics. You can’t trust his word on anything, because he can and does change his mind sometimes within minutes of announcing a policy. Then he’ll say or do the exact opposite. That’s stability? WTF?

  9. Looks like you’ll be right about the surprise candidate. But it looks like it’s going to be Hillary Clinton.

  10. Hillary would be too hot a potato. Tom Fitton is digging through so of much of her dirty — not to mention EXTREMELY ILLEGAL — laundry that she wouldn’t qualify.

    Michelle would be HORRID because her illegal activities are in lockstep with Obama’s. Talk about law-breaking!!!!

  11. Michael is not eligible to run for president. You must be a resident WITHIN the US for 14 years. His legal residence was in the British Virgin Islands as a child because his parents wanted him to be eligible for immigrant status. After college, to avoid paying taxes he filed tax returns from an address in the Cayman Islands. The Obamas filed joint returns while in the White House, but that only gives him nine years of residency. In 2021 he will qualify, so we won’t have to put up with his campaign at this time.

  12. It was shocking to read your prediction. I bounced this off several people three months ago. The number of “glamor ” shots of Michelle on Face book is increasing along with comments about how there wasn’t any corruption in #44s Presidency. Decorum, style, and grace were the descriptive adjectives used. Forgotten were the surrendered law license, the lack of respect for the flag, or comments like, “- – – for the first time I am proud of my country.” May god be merciful.

    1. I think Oprah is off the table, but not Michelle. I think she’s still in the running, but it could be someone else. I don’t think it will be Joe.

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