My Predictions for the Near Future

No crystal ball needed, just a good understanding of economics and politics.

I would like to share my predictions for the near future.

75% Probability – Presidential Nominations…

Back in August of 2019 I made a prediction about who will get the Democratic Nomination. A lot of people thought I was crazy at the time, but I stand by my predictions and I believe I’ll be proven right. Here’s what I said in August

“I don’t think that the Democratic Party has any intention of running any of the current candidates. The current group of candidates are fodder and none of them could beat Trump. Instead the Democratic Party will bring in a surprise candidate at the last minute. I suspect that candidate will be either Michelle Obama or Oprah. This late candidate will run as a moderate, and will take the Trump camp by surprise.”

The Democratic Party is a private organization and can choose whomever they want at the convention. They are going to say that the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden go against their core values, so they are going to take him off the ticket. They will then announce Michelle Obama as the candidate. I believe this is what was planned all along. See my full prediction here.

95% Probability – Our Next President.

If I am correct on my previous prediction, I think our next President will be…

Michelle Obama.

I think it will be almost impossible for Trump to win. Michelle will be fresh. She will take the Trump camp by total surprise. She will have the full support of the media and big tech, and she will ride high on a wave of Democratic optimism. Plus, I think the economy is going to get worse between now and election time, which bodes poorly for Trump.

100% Probability – The Media will NEVER de-escalate the Fear Mongering.

About 6 weeks ago I wrote an article about how the Coronavirus is the dream situation for the media. They LOVE it! They will never calm the situation down, and in fact, if they can draw this situation out for two years (regardless of the damage it does) they will. If you step back and simply observe how they cover the COVID situation you will notice that even the music is designed to make you anxious and fearful. This is what I wrote…

“They provoke and stir things up. They always look for the thing that will ratchet up the tension. They will NEVER de-escalate a situation. COVID-19 is their ultimate dream situation.”

Of course, this is not only limited to the COVID situation. Now they are onto the protests, and they won’t de-escalate that situation either.

Recommendation: Do yourself a favor and cut WAY back on the news, and seriously question what they say. Do your own research. Find someone’s view that you trust and see what that person has to say.

95% What’s Really Going on – the Fear Mongering.

About 6 weeks ago I wrote a very important article that shared my perspective of what was really at the root of the excessive fear mongering. I stand by this perspective now more than ever, but until now I hadn’t heard anyone else express the same perspective. This weekend I listened to a podcast by Ron Paul, who is a former Congressman and is an excellent economist in which he said the same thing. Listen to it here.

Recommendation: Please share my original article with people, because right now many people have a strong feeling that something isn’t right, but they can’t put the pieces together because they don’t know how our monetary system works.

90% Probability – Rising Food Prices.

It think it’s clear that food prices will rise at a noticeable rate for the remainder of this year due to the shutdown and government interference in the free market system. If the prices rise fast enough, it could cause people to start to buy in greater quantities because they will be scared of how high the prices will go. While rising food prices could be a real inconvenience for regular Americans, it will be painful for the poor, especially overseas where it will result in hundreds of millions of poor people starving. (Since writing this, this article has come out that shares my view.)

Recommendation: I suggest you keep your food reserves quite a bit higher than usual for the near future.

40% Probability – Severe Food Supply Problems.

I think the possibility of severe food supply issues is less than 50% (which is still very high), because I believe that Americans will come together and solve this problem before it gets too out of control. But, it’s hard to know how much damage has been done to our free market system, therefore I believe there is a real chance of food shortages. The magnitude of these problems will be directly proportional to the level of government interference and whether the dollar doesn’t devalue too rapidly. If the US Dollar goes into hyperinflation, we will have massive problems with our food supply. I explain this further in this article.

Recommendation: Again, I suggest that you keep high food reserves right now. I recommend that you prepare for this eventuality. We have a special offer available for premium members that everyone should take advantage of.

60% Probability Universal Income is Here to Stay.

People like having free money, politicians like giving away free money, and hardly anyone understands how an economy works – so I think free money is here to stay. And it’s a viscous cycle, because the more money the Fed prints, the less value it has, so they will have to print even more money. This infinite printing is only possible because the US Dollar is a reserve currency and foreign governments continue to purchase the dollar. This will end someday (see my next point). The world will drop the US Dollar, it will devalue significantly, and we will have no choice but to go back to the gold standard, which will force discipline on the government again. Until this time though, I think you can count on receiving free money from the government.

Recommendation: If possible, try to take this stimulus money and invest it in food, getting prepared, or something that stores value better than cash.

80% Probability* – The Collapse of the US Dollar.

I hate to make this prediction, because it is going to be disastrous, but I don’t see any other way for it to go. The Fed has embarked on infinite currency creation, which will inevitably mean the value of the dollar will fall significantly. Foreign countries will stop holding dollars and will instead turn to gold. When will this happen? It’s impossible to know. It could be this month or in two years, but I think it is inevitable. Just to be clear, this will not be a result of COVID-19, but rather it was inevitable anyway because of decades of irresponsible currency creation by the Fed. I wrote a very important article on this recently that explains the relationship between the Fed and the fear campaign and overreaction to COVID. I stand by my explanation of what is really going on behind the scenes, and I still have not heard anyone come up with the same explanation yet.

* I actually think the probability is higher than this, but I am praying that I am wrong and that there is some other way that this can go, but there really isn’t. The dollar is going down.

Recommendation: Get prepared for extended chaos. Increase your supplies of food and other items. I don’t make financial recommendations (for legal reasons), but I will say that hypothetically, if I had money to invest I would be very careful who I listen to for advice. I would not listen to people who only know how to invest within the current financial system (which is 95% of financial advisors), because our current financial system could collapse. Instead, I like to listen to people who have a broader perspective, such as Bert Dohlman, Richard Maybury, Mike Maloney, Peter Schiff, and Simon Black.

75% Gold Prices – $2,500 or Higher By Christmas.

It’s clear that the Fed’s infinite printing of the dollar will destroy the value of the dollar and confidence in the dollar. Foreign countries will not continue to use the dollar as the reserve currency if they feel the end of the dollar is imminent. Many will argue that the dollar is the best option that these countries have for storing value, but that is not true. For thousands of years, gold has been the proven choice for storing value when fiat currencies fail. At some point, I believe the value of gold will shoot up.

Recommendation: I want to be very clear that I don’t make financial recommendations (for legal reasons), but I do recommend that you educate yourself (see my previous point).

100% Spiritual Revival in the USA.

Now for some good news. I believe that we will experience a spiritual revival in the USA over the next many years. People will realize that they have been placing their trust in impermanent things and immoral people, and will be thirsty again for that which quenches their Soul.

Recommendation: People need balanced, strong souls around them at this time to help them come back into balance and remind them of their own divinity. Be the example!

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    1. We will see. I don’t know if it will happen, but in my scenario what heat would she be taking? She would be announced less than 3 months before the election and would be riding a wave of excitement the whole time.

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