Newsletters Are GOLD!

This article may seem self-serving at first glance, but it’s actually a very important article. I want to talk about newsletters, such as SOCRATES GOLD, and why they are so important, now more than ever.

In the past I talked about a few very disturbing, yet very real problems that our society is now facing…

  • Google & Facebook wield tremendous power over the information we see. They wield this power totally and with an agenda, and I believe they will prove to be a hugely dangerous threat to freedom and our Republic.
  • Artificial intelligence is providing a very powerful means to deceive people. Now with AI, people can create absolutely convincing videos of anyone doing or saying anything. They can also mimic voices and speech patterns perfectly. You can’t trust your eyes or your ears now.
  • This manipulation will affect the country as a whole, but it also has the potential to affect you personally. This news story, for example, shows how people can use AI to perfectly mimic your voice and call your peers at work for devious means. Do you know that the person on the other side of the phone (even if you know them well) is actually who you think it is?

The fact is, our world is changing right in front of our eyes, but this change is totally invisible. We don’t have any real understanding of how powerful these tech companies are or how they can manipulate us. Nor will we even have any idea that we are being manipulated.

But know this; you are being manipulated and it’s going to get MUCH worse. And this manipulation is going to be in full force in 2020 since it’s an election year.

So how to protect yourself?

I have a few suggestions…

Question Everything! Question what you see on Facebook, Google and Twitter because they control what you see. Ask yourself how the information you are seeing can be manipulated. For example, if you start typing a word into Google, it gives you suggestions on how to finish your search. This has been shown to be manipulated for certain searches. Another thing is that Google has ABSOLUTE control over what sites pull up when you do a search. Question everything. I recently posted that I changed the search engine that I used because although StartPage is a private search engine, StartPage relies on Google on the backend to actually generate the results – so Google is still in control!

Seek Out Voices You Trust! The most important thing you can do is seek out sources that you trust. Individuals are more trustworthy than companies, because with an individual you know exactly who you are hearing from. You never really know who is speaking for a company. I have a list of journalists or commentators whom I trust to cut through the lies and noise to get to the heart of what is going on. In this day in age of hyper (and subtle) news manipulation, having a few trusted people to hear from is very important.

So this brings up a question. How can you reliably get information from the people you trust? YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have been on a rampage lately kicking people off of their platforms.

Email is Less Controllable. Email is a remnant of the original open-source internet. It’s harder for companies to control, so even people who are de-platformed by the tech companies will still be able to send you an email newsletter. Email newsletters are a very important method for getting a different perspective. It’s up to you to decide which newsletters to sign up for. Sign up for those you trust. Unsubscribe from others.

One thing to note, if you are using gmail you are also giving Google control over which emails you receive, and which ones get discarded as junk mail or caught by the “spam” filters. I’m not saying that Google is doing this, but do you trust them? I certainly don’t. I would recommend that you do NOT use Gmail, and instead use something like Proton Mail (yes, protonmail costs a small amount, but that’s because they don’t sell your information and make money in deceptive ways).

Sign up for email newsletters from people you trust (and enjoy)! I believe that in years to come, email newsletters will become much more important to our freedom!

Tell me what newsletters you trust and like in the comments below.


  1. At least twice, I have been reading an email in my Gmail inbox on my tablet, and while I’m reading it, not touching anything, the email disappears and gets sent to my spam folder. One of these disappearing emails was about 5g, and the other was about Google’s scandals.

    1. Very interesting Gail. The manipulation is invisible because it’s almost impossible to prove that this stuff really happens. I don’t use gmail. I prefer

      1. I use protonmail as well, and also tutanota. Do you happen to know if the encryption only works if the user sets a password for the recipient (the recipient not having a protonmail/tutanota email account)?

        1. First, by using Protonmail google doesn’t have control over which emails you get, so that is great. Protonmail is fully encrypted if you are sending to someone else who has Protonmail. If the receiver doesn’t have protonmail you can create a password for each mail message you send, which will encrypt it.

    2. The more I learn about 5G “telecommunications”, the more I believe the satellite & earth based deployments are weapon systems being paid for by the unsuspecting public. (Yes, they can be used for communication. And at low enough levels, the symptoms of the biological impact to humans can take years to recognize in many people.)

  2. One needs to be mindful about what one posts on line in any format. It isn’t like in the old spy movies where one burns an electronic message and flushes it down the toilet. Hitting delete only makes it disappear from your sight. It still lurks on your computer and somewhere in cyberspace. With the government monitoring who knows how many electronic transmissions a minute and storing everything they monitor. Unless you are extremely knowledgable about computers, you can’t erase anything you put on it. The only thing you can do is physically damage the hard drive so that it can’t be put back together. However, that still doesn’t dispose of whatever has been saved electronically some place. Do you store data on “the cloud”? That is one portal to which you are granting permission to store everything on your computer forever and despite “company policy” is easily shared with whomever in government would like to look at it and is for same to whoever wants to pay the fee.

    I think at some point a great many of us will shun electronic media like the plague. The only problem is that too much in our lives requires us to have some form of electronic connection.

    Just because I am paranoid doesn’t mean there really isn’t some computer geek someplace reading everything I put on my computer.

    1. Thanks Chuck. I think the biggest problem is ignorance of the problem. Most people have NO IDEA of privacy and security issues and never even think about it.

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