July 4th Fireworks Warning

Before this year’s Independence Day Celebration, I wanted to share a first-hand warning about fireworks.

A few years ago I went over to a friends July 4th to watch their CRAZY fireworks display.

It was enjoyable until, during one of the barrages of artillery shells, one of the shells decided to change direction – straight into my forehead. I never saw it coming, and it nearly knocked me out (see my picture below). It was like someone hitting me in the forehead with a hammer.

A lot of people have teased me for having a smile on my face, as if I was enjoying it. In truth, I was literally stunned. I think that is my concussion face.

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Entertainment Recommendations

I’m on a “relaxation” theme this week, so I want to recommend a TV series, a phone game and an audiobook.

TV Show: Psych

If you’ve never watched Psych, I highly recommend it. It’s an intelligent, funny and lighthearted detective show. All seasons are available on Hulu and probably on other networks.

Phone Game: The Devil’s Attorney

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