The Hierarchy of Water Needs

Today I wanted to review a very important point regarding water in an emergency: In an emergency you don’t have to purify all of your water to the same degree. I call this the “Hierarchy of Water Needs”.

Please watch this video and then read the article…

Think about the different uses for water…

At the top of the list is drinking water for infants, newborns, young children, the elderly and immune compromised people.

Do you remember the cryptosporidium outbreak in Milwaukee in 1993? Over 100 people died from that incident, and most of the deaths were the very young, the elderly or people with compromised immune systems. Use only the highest purity water with absolute certainty of biological protection, or in other words, use distilled water or a large name bottled water, such as SmartWater or AquaFina. Avoid other types of water if at all possible.

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Are You Developing Skills That Won’t Be Automated?

In May I wrote an article that demonstrated that a huge number of jobs will be eliminated soon due to automation. I encourage you to review that article because it has a number of videos that actually shows you how far along the automation is.

These changes will happen faster than we can imagine.

A new article from the Harvard Business Review says that, “10% of U.S. jobs would be automated this year” and that, “close to half of all U.S. jobs may be automated in the next decade”.

This will cause a dramatic change to our society. So how do you prepare for this?

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