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I just wrote an article explaining my perspective of the upcoming meat shortage. Please read it now because this is an important issue. In short, I believe that it is likely we will have massive food shortages like America has never before seen.

I do recommend that you get prepared for many months of chaos. I know that emergency food is a staple in the preparedness industry, but I encourage you to think about our current crisis in a slightly different way.

Much of the “emergency preparedness food” on the market has marginal quality and even less appeal because you typically don’t know when an emergency is going to hit, which means that it needs to have a very long shelf life.

Our current crisis is different though. Like a hurricane bearing down on us, we can see it coming, and it’s close. For this reason, I think a very good solution is to look at high-quality meal replacement shakes. These shakes are specifically made to be nutritionally rich, but they are typically not considered for emergencies because they only have a shelf life of 18 to 24 months.

These meal replacement shakes can provide a high level of nutrition. You will still want fresh food, but if fresh food is in short supply these shakes can be used as a good meal replacement or as a supplement to make your food supply last longer.

I’m a fan of NutraOne’s Real Meal Shake because it’s low in sugar, gluten-free and contain grass-fed protein and healthy fats. Unlike many supplement companies that over-hype their products, the team at NutraOne focuses on delivering consistently high-quality products and they are picky about their ingredients.

So I reached out to NutraOne to see if I could negotiate a lower price on their product for my audience, and I’m happy to say that they agreed.

The special offer is this: simply become a premium member now, and you will get a coupon code that gives you close to wholesale price on a 6-pack of this shake. For each 6-pack that you purchase, you will save $120 (a premium membership only costs $55 per year). And you can buy as many 6-packs as you want with this coupon code.

A 6-pack will provide one person with one meal replacement per day for four months, or two meal replacements per day for two months. I suggest that you purchase at least one 6-pack per person in your household, but you may want to get more.

Join Now! And then go here for your discount code for this special offer (the page looks very similar to this page, but scroll down to the bottom).

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