Roundup and Your Health

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Have you been keeping up with news regarding glyphosate, the main chemical in Roundup? If not, this is a very good summary from US News & World Report about this important issue, “Glyphosate, a chemical that kills weeds, is the most widely used herbicide in the country. It is in over 750 products sold in the U.S., according to Oregon State University’s National Pesticide Information Center. While the chemical has been around for decades, people only recently realized it was making its way from farms to the dinner table.

It’s important to understand that this is a drinking water issue too. Here’s a great article from a long-time friend of mine on the chemical and how to protect yourself from it.

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  1. Glyphosate is patented as an antibiotic (kills the microbiome) and anti-scale industrial cleaning agent. (Binds to minerals in soil/plants/people, so they are not bio-available. Many people now have symptoms of magnesium deficiency.) Genetically Engineered plants are designed so they can absorb large quantities without dying. This allows the farmer to dump it on fields without worrying about it getting into the food. (The FDA raised the levels permissible in food.) It is also sprayed on many (non-organic) crops before harvest. It kills/dries (desiccant) the plant making harvest easier (cheaper). This is how it gets into beans, grains (wheat, oats). Remember, the word “Natural” is legally meaningless on food packages. The markers know many people falsely believe “Natural” foods have less toxins added.

  2. B”H Glyphosate disrupts the Shikimate pathway. More info is in a video by August Dunning in the OTF lectures videos, from yearly conventions. on the Suspicious Observers site. The Shikimate pathway is an essential metabolic pathway. Also, Glyphosate destroys the gut-to-blood barrier that keeps things in the intestines until they’ve been broken down enough to be safe for body cells as coming in contact with the body’s interior when sent through the bloodstream, and it also destroys the blood-brain barrier, so substances that aren’t properly broken down but are in the bloodstream anyhow due to leaky gut, can get into the brain, leading to neurological diseases. This info, I believe, came to me via Jonathan Otto’s Autoimmune Series over 18 months ago. He still does those series and is probably revising them every time, so that would be another good place to look, to learn about Glyphosate. It has become ubiquitous, and do not forget to watch out for a comparable new weed-killer/pesticide from Bayer. It was very good strategy for Monsanto to let themselves get bought out by Bayer, because many people are looking out to oppose the Monsanto name, but Bayer looks kind of angelic because of the so-called gentle baby aspirin they made, and their new also-toxic pest/weed killer has an unfamiliar name that most people won’t red-flag like they do Roundup, so, I hope everyone gets informed about these new names. The harm is ubiquitous. It gets into water, air, and soil, and water and air circulate worldwide. Soil may too, in the form of any produce that may be sold to other countries. This is not just about the health of one’s own household. It affects everyone.

    1. Thanks Leah. When I think of Bayer, I think of the company that created the poisonous gases that killed people in concentration camps.

  3. This is probably one of the reasons why so many people are having food allergies and getting sick. This really makes me want to grow my own food.

  4. I don’t drink tap water and wish I could afford an in-home filtration system.; for now I purchase reverse osmosis water and have so since 2001. I also try to buy as much organic as possible. Recently I was diagnosed with a potential marker for multiple-myeloma (one the cancers attributed to Roundup). Thankfully it’s very low, but I have to monitor it ever 6 months. I wonder if my lifestyle is what has kept this low. I can’t imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t learned about food/water earlier this century.

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