Screen Time Versus Reading for Your Child.

Yes, it’s easier to stick your child in front of an iPad for hours at a time, but how does this affect their brain? A recent study looked at differences in brain activity comparing the times children spent on screens (TV, smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers) versus reading a book.

What do you think they found?

They used MRI scanning to look at the functional brain connectivity patterns between the two activities. They found that brain connectivity is increased by the time children spend reading and decreased by the length of exposure to screen-based media. Their bottom line conclusion was that the findings of the study “underscore the importance of children reading to support healthy brain development and literacy and limiting screen time.” (Source)

But it’s not just enough to reduce their screen time. They provide specific recommendations for how to properly do this in a way that stimulates the brain, and promotes development, academic achievement and creativity.

See their recommendations here.

Please share this article with the parents you know. Also, I have a question for you; What is the best way to help families find this important balance of living a simple life that is connected to the real world and the technological world that has so much control over us? Please answer in the comments below.

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  1. This question of finding a healthy balance in today’s “screened-out world” is vital! I think being very intentional and proactive to play with our kids is a start. Taking walks to enjoy nature together and encourage talking/connecting. Also creating house rules that limit personal screen time to keep humans in charge, not technology.

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