SOCRATES GOLD Newsletter 12-18-2019

I don’t want to end 2019 on bad terms with anyone, so just apologize to me and get it over with!”¬†ūüėā
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Hi Glenn!

I hope you’re having a wonderful week before Christmas.¬†Stop working so hard!

Here are the five points I think you’ll like today…

FIRST, if you missed it, I just launched a new product called¬†ZAM-POP!¬†It’s awesome, it’s fun and I’m more excited about this game than any other product I’ve ever created. Please note that Friday (the earlier the better) is the deadline to order if you want to get a special Christmas Card from Santa that you can put in someone’s stocking to show them that they’re getting a¬†Special Founder‚Äôs Club Collector‚Äôs Edition of ZAM-POP!¬†

SECOND, I put together a video about an important digital security issue that most people never think about.

THIRD, I wanted to put together some of my random political thoughts, including my thoughts on the 2020 nominees, Greta, peace, impeachment and the Constitution.

FOURTH, if you want to give the SOCRATES FIRE Rocket Stove as a present for Christmas (maybe to yourself), we have less than 20 left in stock. We can still get it to you before Christmas if you order ASAP. Use the coupon code: finalinventory and you will get $35 off your purchase.

FIFTH, I’d love to tell you¬†our personal story¬†of ZAM-POP!, our vision of where it’s going and our mission. I hope this is a fun perspective for you.

Finally, we had some¬†great news¬†yesterday; my son got engaged to his beautiful girlfriend! It seems like just a couple years ago he was still a simple boy in high school. Oh wait, he was a simple boy in high school two years ago! I know they truly love each other, so I couldn’t be more happy. But I’m not ready to be a grandfather yet, so put the breaks on!

Thank you for choosing to read my newsletter!



P.S. Also note that we are giving away a limited edition, numbered and signed special ZAM Card with each game. We are going to print a maximum of 250 of each card – ever! The first card, “Mistletoe” is now gone. Now we are on the “In the Doghouse” ZAM Card, so don’t miss¬†this one¬†(it will be very collectible).¬†
¬†Glenn’s Picks…

SOCRATES FIRE ROCKET STOVE¬†(Use the coupon code SOCRATESGOLD to receive a discount!)The SOCRATES FIRE is the ULTIMATE rocket stove! It’s super efficient, it’s constructed with heavy duty stainless steel and it’s INCREDIBLY PORTABLE!

SILENT POCKET¬†(use coupon code “socratesgold” to receive a discount).
Silent Pocket produces high quality RFID shielded wallets and handbags. Go to Silent Pocket’s site¬†here¬†to learn more.

* Glenn’s Picks is a sponsored section.
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