SOCRATES GOLD Newsletter June 20th, 2019

“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.”
Walt Disney

I hope you are having a wonderful day! Stay grateful!

Here are the five points I think you will like today…

FIRST, drum roll please. Soon, very soon, we will be officially launching the SOCRATES FIRE Rocket Stove! Please keep an eye open for it!

SECOND, a lot of people like yoga, or tai chi, or hardcore intense workouts in the morning, but these are the best exercises I’ve found for getting up, getting the blood flowing and strengthening my back. 

THIRD, if you’re paying attention to the news, you will have noticed some pretty serious back and forth between Russia and the USA regarding cyberattacks on our electric grid. I’ve been saying for a long time that our electric grid vulnerability is the single biggest threat to our way of life. Here’s an update.

FOURTH, I am a huge fan of Podcasts. You can learn so much from following the right people. Here are my favorite podcasts.

FIFTH, the USA has 99 active nuclear power plants. Each plant produces about 2,300 tons of nuclear waste each year, and this waste remains radioactive for thousands of years. I was interested to learn that there is a new technology that may be able to convert much of this waste into another safe form of energy.

As a final point, I sometimes get questions from my peers asking about my new “strategy” for my newsletter. Why do I write about stuff that has nothing to do with my business? It’s not really a strategy. I have fun writing about all kinds of things, because I’m interested in all kinds of things. I hope you like hearing about different subjects. Let me know!

Thank you for being here!



P.S. An update for SOCRATES FIRE pre-launch customers. I sent out an update email to you individually a little over a week ago that the shipment was delayed slightly because we told the manufacturer that they had to fix something on all the stoves. Somewhere in their process, they created a small dent in the same place on all the units. This was unacceptable to us. They fixed it, and the stoves are now on the way to us. We will send out a survey to everyone soon asking if your shipping address is still the same. Thank you again for your support! You allowed us to bring this wonderful product to market!
 Glenn’s Picks…

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* Glenn’s Picks is a sponsored section.
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