SOCRATES GOLD Newsletter of 8/30/2019

“Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.”
Bill Watterson (Calvin & Hobbes)

I hope you are having another wonderful day! I hope you use the above quote as inspiration to do something totally pointless this weekend!

Here are the five points I think you will like today…

FIRST, with the flood of self-help books on the market, I think most of them miss a very important point, so I wrote this article called Identity, Happiness and Failure. I gave a lot of thought to this article because I know some people personally who need to hear this. Please check it out and forward it to anyone you know who is having a struggle with life challenges.

SECOND, I’ve written a lot about internet privacy and security. Today I want to talk to you about search engines. YES, this is something you should think about – for more reasons than just privacy and security.

THIRD, I watched this video recently about how to reclaim the world’s deserts. A huge percentage of the Earth’s land mass is desert. I found the video to be very educational.

FOURTH, if you like going to the movies once and a while, you surely have been disappointed lately (don’t waste your time with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood by the way). But, things are looking bright for SciFi fanslike me.

FIFTH, I shudder at the thought that we are coming up on an election year. It’s not going to be a fun one, so if you want to skip ahead 6 months I’ll take out my crystal ball, save you the drama and just tell you who the nominees are going to be for 2020. Here are my predictions.

I hope that last point didn’t leave you in a bad mood. Enjoy your weekend, and as always, I am grateful that you choose to read my newsletter! Thank you!


Glenn Meder

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* Glenn’s Picks is a sponsored section or it includes adds for my own products.
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