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Great detailed info that is clearly written.

Jessica B

Enjoyable newsletter. A great mix of information, education and wisdom. Keep up the great work.


I have enjoyed reading Glenn’s email for a few years, and they are something I look forward to receiving. I find they are usually full of his personal insights, combine with articles I might otherwise miss, and a few movie recommendations to boot! It’s like getting a personal letter in my inbox, and that sense of caring is I appreciate the most.


Being a person who appreciates security in one’s life, I appreciate Glenn’s Socrates Gold newsletter. Except that Glenn doesn’t just talk about safety he points on lots of topics but at the same time seems to hit upon universal themes. I always look forward to Glenn’s newsletter in an inbox mostly full of noise trying to sell you stuff you don’t need. Keep up the excellent work, Glenn.

Lynn V.

You have a great newsletter with topics that are interesting and offer great insight. Thank you

Misty S

Insightful thoughts not your average newsletter. Refreshing change in today’s envirinment.

Mark Thomas

Great Newsletter with very useful, timely and practical information! I especially like that format of 5 key points. Makes it easy to scan and see which ones are of interest to me at the moment. Colleen

You supply all of us with great information for not only our lives but also for keeping us alive in bad situations.

Wade Conner

I love your newsletter because it has articles that are not common, yet are very important! I like how I can pick and choose which ones I want to read. And I love your heart for helping people! πŸ™‚


While we are living in uncertain times, it is nice to find a resource like the Socrates Gold newsletter that uses a common-sense approach to help educate people. I am a firm believer in increasing our self-sufficiency and paying attention to what’s going on around us; apparently Glenn Meder is, too! Gaining practical knowledge can never hurt you!


I really enjoy your newsletter. The stories that you tell and the insights that you give have helped me with my preparations. I also like it when you share with us other links (Conan and company) that help us stay sane in a crazy world.


Stupendously awesome newsletter!

Such great information on your newsletter. I appreciate having a place to go to re-read or learn new things.


Thank you for your newsletter. I frequently find myself clicking on at least one or more of the articles contained within. You offer diverse, interesting and timely topics. There’s something for everyone in this unique newsletter, even movie suggestions. I appreciate the time you spend putting it together for us!


I’ve been a reader of Glenn’s newsletter since it first started. As I originally found Glenn by purchasing his Survival Still. Glenn’s newsletter is full of different topics, most of which I’m interested in. The information is helpful & keeps me reading each week.. The articles are to the point & not drawn out. You’ll definitely learn something new/helpful in each issue. His knowledge of all things water is top notch & his articles on internet,PC,mobile security are my favorite.


Glenn is a breath of fresh air and thoughtful reason in these confusing, troubled times. He teaches us valuable knowledge, reminds us of the important things in life, and uplifts our spirits. He is a beacon of light for us to follow; a national treasure.




Very solid nuggets of info that I can use for life in general. Also thought provoking points of view I mightn’t have considered before.

Sandra M

Wow! Truly awesomeness glad i found out about you thank you for the newsletter and information!


It is not your ordinary news letter. like the information shared in the newsletter. I have begun using the password manager. Installing a VPN is next on my list I like the movie recommendations. The no pick pocket pants note was timely before went over seas. It covers a variety of topics not covered in the main stream media.


I love Glen’s newsletters! They are chock full of information, plus, he gives you info on things I would never even think about. For instance, one of the newsletter talked about pick pocket proof pants. We happened to be going on a trip and we used this info on our trip! He wants to help people and it truly shows!


If you don’t sign up you’ll never know what you missed!


It is great how much thought and information is found in the newsletter. I found him because of my interest in the survival still but have enjoyed the information on a wide range of topics in his newsletter.


Great quality information! I look forward to reading it every time!


I love this newsletter! I love how there are 5 points that he covers. You can quickly read what they are and choose which one you want to read at that moment without having to read a huge article. Glenn is very knowledgeable and I like his insights on what is going on in our world today and what products are good. Thanks Glenn for helping others and for your great products! We bought the Survival Still and the Rocket Stove, they are very nice products!


I love the detailed newsletter! Very informative!


Great newsletter!


Glenn’s newsletter is full of interesting ideas topics and thoughtful comments. It has such variety and scope that it will keep you both entertained and informed and force you to think about things that perhaps you wouldn’t think about otherwise. In a world where a lot of things are frivolous and tend to be pointed towards amusement, Glenn’s newsletter will instead give you meaty tidbits that will provoke thought not just while reading it but later in the week. I enjoy and learn something from each and every episode. I appreciate that Glenn is a force for good in a modern-day world that sometimes seems crazy and out-of-control. It is smart it is intelligent it is a good good read, and a good use of my time.


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