The America We Want to Create!

What is the America we want to create?

Does anyone have a vision for the future? One that truly leads us forward into greater individual freedom, self-control, prosperity and peace?

Politics in today’s world, as always, is about power struggles. Now more than ever though, it’s about anger and selfishness. No one, on the Left or the Right, is a visionary leading us to a better future.

Regardless of where you are on the political spectrum, I think you will find this to be a great interview. The gentleman’s name is Philip K. Howard and he is talking about his new book Try Common Sense. It’s refreshing. It’s visionary, and it’s the way we need to take our country.

Have a look…

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  1. The book sounds interesting…one reviewer helpfully listed the 10 principles on which the author’s Common Sense is built. The last one was *The litmus test should be the common good*. His “Individual Responsibility” and “Individual Accountability” are wonderful concepts. But who monitors/polices/judges the application of those concepts? Who will write the new rules/codes/laws to help them decide, or are we just supposed to trust the “deciders”?

    Did you ever see The Giver? Great movie about a society based on common sense for the common good and how it works out when people prefer liberty and their own version of common sense.

    Given that the vast majority of parents would likely say they kept their children’s common good in mind in their parenting style, and Trump and Bernie would each love an America based on their versions of “common sense common good,” how can something so simple to each of us result in such polarized behavior and results, with or without bureaucracy…Does the author solve that conundrum?

    1. Thanks Michelle. He goes through that in the video. One of the key points he talked about was that lawsuits shouldn’t be a mechanism to make people a lot of money, but rather they should be for the purpose of fixing things.

  2. What we used to call “common sense” is so uncommon today, it no longer qualifies for that term. It more accurately should be called “ancient wisdom” or some other more appropriate term.

  3. This concept is an ideal dream….just a dream
    I should hope that people in this great nation would adhere to this idea.
    Unfortunately, we have a nation and a world that is disconnected from reality.
    We’re even disconnected from civility and constructive debate.
    Bureaucracy feeds off dissension, knee jerk data, and finger pointing.
    It’s an industry that funds local, federal, and state governments.
    Short of a major nationwide disaster that totally craters governments……
    Lawyers write our laws
    Decline and fall of Pax Americana

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