The Five Biggest Threats to the Human Race!

I am an optimist. I really am. I think we have a good future ahead of us.

But there are threats that are very real, and most people aren’t even aware that many of these issues exist. I think it’s important to be aware of these threats so we can be prepared and educate others.

So here are the biggest threats that I see to the human race in the near future (not in any order)…


Remember Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator? It was a very bleak view of the future of military. Now look at this robot that ALREADY EXISTS. Not only does it exist, but if this is what they are showing us, what actually exists is much more advanced. And yes, Boston Dynamics is funded by the US Military.

Have a look at these robots. It doesn’t take much imagination to see a highly effective and very deadly robot army within ten years, if they don’t have it already.

But here’s a different and even more frightening look at militarizing robots. Note that this is a fictional video, but it was created by leaders in the tech field and at top tech universities to warn us about how the tech THAT WE ALREADY POSSESS could be used to terrorize the world.


You’ve heard of 3D Printing, right? This is a new manufacturing process in which 3D Printers can print plastic or metal devices in three-dimensions. You can create anything from an action figure doll to a working gun. But very soon we will have devices that can basically create and modify DNA, or in other words, create lifeforms.

What is the simplest form of life? Viruses, including the smallpox or ebola virus. The genetic “map” of a virus is very simple, and can be simply stored on a computer as a file. This means that if you have the right machine, and if you download the file for smallpox, you could actually print the smallpox virus.

Soon the technology to do this will be quite inexpensive. So, how do we keep terrorists or crazy people from simply printing deadly diseases, or even modifying a smallpox virus with an Ebola virus? Once the genie is out of the bottle, how do we put it back in?

To learn more about this, please listen to this podcast episode.


One of the most dangerous things that could happen to us is a massive, long-term blackout. The fact is, every single aspect of our society depends upon our electric grid. We couldn’t get food, water, transportation, medicines, medical help or help in any way. This would be a very deadly issue.

According to an article in Power, “Johnson, chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs, posed questions to witnesses testifying on Capitol Hill before his committee. He asked R. James Woolsley, chairman of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, what would happen to society if the electrical grid were to be down for an extended period of time, such as a year or two, following an EMP event?

Woolsley responded, “It’s briefly dealt with in the commission report of [2008]. There are essentially two estimates on how many people would die from hunger, from starvation, from lack of water, and from social disruption. One estimate is that within a year or so, two-thirds of the United States population would die. The other estimate is that within a year or so, 90% of the U.S. population would die. We’re talking about total devastation. We’re not talking about just a regular catastrophe.”

So how would it happen? Our system is completely vulnerable to hacking, an EMP or from a massive solar storm from the Sun. The latter is not only a serious risk, but it’s guaranteed to happen at some point. It has happened to us before, and it will happen again. The only question is when.

Here’s a short video about this subject…

And here is a more extensive interview with Ted Koppel…


It’s been a long time since America has been involved in a real war that is an actual threat to our existence. Instead, the primary battlefield for the past many decades has been economic, which is still brutal but it’s hidden from view.

But the world is in a very jittery place right now. It seems like there are a lot of rubber bands stretched to the limit, and any one of these rubber bands could snap, throwing us into a real war.

Regardless of what you feel about the trade tariffs, for example, it is potentially very dangerous because if China’s economy were to crash, this could precipitate a war. An economic crash scares leaders, because people naturally look for someone to blame, and leaders don’t want the blame falling on them so they project it onto another country. And we can’t take it for granted that we would automatically win such a war. China is very dangerous.

Here’s a perspective on how the trade war could turn into a real war from an economist and historian that I truly respect.


This fifth point won’t be the end of humanity, but it could be the end of a life worth living. What it comes down to is that big tech has the ability to track everything that you do or say. They know everything about you, and while this data has not been overly used to squash out freedoms or control you yet, the potential is certainly there.

This technology is being developed for use in China, because they have no qualms about implementing an absolute surveillance State to control its citizens. They do not respect or value personal freedom in China. When you dig into this, the amount of control that is possible today from technology is astounding. Pl

But which companies are developing the technology that China is using to control people? It’s big tech. Google. Amazon. Uber and many more.

But this couldn’t happen in the USA, could it? Actually, it’s already happening. Watch this…

Also, this one…

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  1. You forgot the coming mandatory vaccines, they are already forcing children to have them with no exemptions. The adults are next….

  2. Glenn: The U. S. Marine Corps tested that robot that you saw in the snow. They found it lacking. I didn’t read the official report, just that they said, “Thanks, but not what we were looking for.”

    What they were looking for was an all-terrain robot that could haul gear for the troops in combat. Apparently the robot wasn’t quite ready for combat yet. At least that’s what the Marine testing staff thought.

    Not saying that at sometime in the future the Marine platoon will have a mascot that hauls all the heavy weapons stuff. No more humping a mortar base plate and mortar rounds in addition to your regular load-out. Instead of a Marine humping a thousand rounds for the M240, the robot can haul five thousand — but not this fiscal year.

    With regards to printing a 3D gun. The rumors of that being possible have also been greatly exaggerated. Again, not saying that it won’t be possible in the future, but right now, no can do — Not that it is impossible, it is just the cost of the technology makes it unfeasible to produce firearms via 3D type technology. Who is going to pay $25 to $50 thousand for a pistol when you can buy a brand new S&W Shield in the caliber of your choice for less than $500? There are other new firearms in the market place for less than the Shield at $500.

    It’s sort of like when the Glock was first introduced and there was all the hysteria about a plastic gun that would be invisible to airport screening. First of all, plastic stuff that is durable enough to withstand the pressures of modern smokeless powder show up on screening devices. Secondly, okay, you’ve invented a plastic that doesn’t show up on x-ray. What about the cartridges? The bullets? The Japanese experimented with wooden bullets during WWII. They quickly went back to metal bullets. There is fiction about ice bullets. Sorry, but all the technology today for sending projectiles downrange fast enough to create serious damage generate significantly high temperatures, even air rifles. That’s why one never lubricates the breach mechanism of an air rifle with a flammable lubricant. You will get an amazing spurt of fire out the muzzle and the air rifle will definitely alert the neighbors that you have just set off some kind of explosive. Shoot an ice bullet at a victim and if he is close enough, he will get a nasty powder burn but the ice will be water.

    Coronal mass ejection? Absolutely, just a question of when and how big and how much damage it will do Will cars still run or will they all be immovable pieces of metal and plastic? Will transformers explode due to the overload? There was just an instance of a transformer exploding in Huntington Beach CA last week. One man was seriously injured and four others were taken to the ER and released. Now just imagine transformers exploding all over your neighborhood. Imagine 50% of the houses in your neighborhood on fire — or 100% and no fire department because their trucks won’t run or because even if they do there is no water plus your neighborhood isn’t the only one on fire, every neighborhood in your town is on fire.

    Last year I was reading an old account of the original crusades. It was written sometime around 1913. In it the author describes that the crusaders saw aurora borealis while they were south of Aleppo which is approximately at the same latitude as Northern Florida. That means in the 8th century there was a Carrington level CME. It didn’t affect anything because instant messaging at that time was sending a runner to deliver the message to the recipient and the only computers in the world were abacuses in China. The author just mentioned it in passing because at the time the book was written, household electricity was a thing in the future. My mother and father lived in Philadelphia at that time and their homes were lit by gas lamp. Edison and Westinghouse were still fighting over AC vs. DC.

    No one mentions it much, but in 1942 there was a CME that caused the aurora borealis to illuminate the North Atlantic and the German U-boat commanders were pleased with the harvest of allied shipping they managed to send to the bottom during the event. We dodged the bullet in 2015 when a Carrington event level CME missed earth by a week’s time.

    In my opinion, a massive CME event is the surest event that will definitely take place. It is only, as I said, when, how big and how much will be affected.

    The other events you mentioned are certainly real hazards but if technology invented it, technology can defeat it, so while those concerns are certainly something to be aware of, the CME is the most real event. Luckily we are in a quiet period now. There have been zero sun spots for some extended period of time, the longest period without sun spots since we have started watching the sun for such things. Now that is an interesting phenomenon. No one seems certain what that portends for earth, if anything. It does allow deep space electrons to reach earth that otherwise are deflected by sun activity but I haven’t found anybody who claims to know what effect, if any, that will have on earth’s atmosphere and our earthly habitat.

    Sorry to be so wordy. Not something that can be discussed in a cogent one sentence statement. At least I am incapable of such.

    1. Thanks Chuck. Wow. Your response is longer than my original article! Regarding the military taking the robots on, I agree, the tech may not be there yet, but it’s getting darn close. Look at the videos that Boston Dynamics put out last year compared to this year, and there is a dramatic difference. And this is only what they are showing us. As you know, the only reason we know about the SR-71 is because they have something much more advanced now that they don’t show us. I suspect that the robots are very capable now, and the major thing holding them back is an energy source that would allow them to run for long periods of time, but maybe they have that now too. Who knows. As far as the solar flares, in the article I shared a link to new research that says that the Sun is probably spitting out Carrington-like events all the time, but they are just not pointed at the Earth, yet.

  3. Interesting article reference link. I read somewhere that it is only recently that we have tried to go through ancient Chinese documents looking for solar events that would be CMEs. The Chinese have been looking at the stars and recording what they saw longer than Western Europe. No search and retrieve program available there. It is all manual handling and perusing, trying to read and understand ancient Chinese. Like reading manuscripts in Old English. You may be able to make out individual words but word usage has changed. Old words have disappeared and their meaning is lost. My wife is Japanese and can read and write Kanji, but there are many old scrolls and folding screens with ancient Japanese on them and she can’t read it. Going through old Chinese writings to find references to possible solar events sounds like a lifetime chore to me — and mind numbing to boot.

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