The Robots Are Coming, Really!

I hate to give you depressing news, but the robots are coming.

For decades we’ve heard about how robots and artificial intelligence are going to replace our jobs, and we’ve always said it’s going to be 20 years away. Well not anymore.

The next 5 to 10 years will be dramatic!

There is no such thing as job security anymore. In the next decade, millions of people will lose their jobs to robots and AI. I want to give you some examples, and then I want to tell you what I think the solution is for you.

So, let’s start with the evidence…

AUTOMATED WAREHOUSES. Amazon workers are complaining about work conditions, they’re trying to unionize and they want raises. But watch the video below and you’ll see that soon they’ll just be gone, because the robots can do it faster and cheaper. Amazon alone employs over 650,000 people. That will be a huge number of people out of jobs.

HOME CONSTRUCTION. The home construction business is huge and employs millions of people. But the industry is going to change very quickly because they are ALREADY able to 3D print homes, and they can make an entire neighborhood in 24 hours! This new construction approach will put millions out of work.

TAXI DRIVERS, UBER DRIVERS AND TRUCK DRIVERS. Another huge service industry involves drivers of all sorts; taxi drivers, Uber drivers and truck drivers. We’ve seen this coming for many years, and we always say that it’s 10 or 20 years down the road, but I don’t think so. I think we will be very surprised at how fast this will happen, and millions will be out of a job. This video gives you a great perspective on the economics of this change, and why there are HUGE bucks in changing over to automation.

DELIVERY: Ok, so soon cars will be able to drive themselves, but someone needs to take the product from the car to the door, right? Wrong.

RESTAURANT WORKERS: Of course, there will always be a demand for high end restaurants with real people and real chefs, but for high-quality fast-food, this is the future of restaurants…


In Summary, the future is now. Robots are about to take your job. I feel that it’s important that you adapt quickly before you’re one of the millions suddenly losing their jobs. In my opinion, there will be two primary solutions; get a government job or become an entrepreneur. Both have their trade-offs, and there are some people who are better suited for one or the other. Of course, I prefer the entrepreneur approach and will try to have more suggestions for you soon.

What do you think about the coming robot future?

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  1. I am a delivery driver and a church organist/pianist. The latter job will not be replaced by robots, but the organ is not in vogue like it used to be as a source of church music. The delivery driver’s job going to robotic cars will have limitations. The restaurant will have to bring the food out to the car and the person who ordered will have to come to the car to get the food. I frequently deliver to apartment complexes where you have to climb up or down stairs to deliver. So I’m not real concerned YET.

  2. People think the Terminator series is just sci fi. I think it was just as predictive as Orwell’s 1984. Things are happening at such a fast pace these days. I have always worked in customer service (hands on) type situations in all my life, and have seen how things have become more automated in many fields. As well as how consumers have become more lazy and less concerned about person to person interaction, unless something goes wrong. It is a growing disconnect with what we consume and how we obtain it. And if we keep on the same road, then yes, the robots and AI are going to continue to gain inroads.

  3. When one sees the Atlas robots by Boston Dynamics, doing backflips and somersalts, there’s no question that these along with very rapid advances in AI, are going to replace so many jobs. The social implications of tens of millions of humans feeling useless as a result, and having trouble feeding themselves, is a problem that will require human creativity and ingenuity to solve. I doubt anyone is writing AI algorithms and designing robots to entertain these soon-to-be masses of humans without jobs. But, once tons of human jobs are replaced by AI driven robots, there will neither be consumers with money to buy the products and services that the robot workforce can manufacture and deliver for the elites. If the humans go attacking the armies of robots, then the real reason for Boston Dynamics developing fancy robots will be revealed (hint: it’s absolutely NOT with noble intentions of search and rescue missions as their PR videos misleadingly state–the military and DOD, which fund DARPA and Boston Dynamics, couldn’t care less about life-saving missions for robots)

    1. Definitely funded by the military. And those robots doing gymnastics are only what they are showing us. They have to be much more advanced than what we see, and of course they will be used as terminator-type warriors.

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