The Single Most Dangerous Threat to Our Freedom.

I love the USA. Period. I love the USA.

Many people say that they love the USA, but what does this mean? What specifically do they love? I think it’s important to be precise with our language.

I love the American people.

I love our society.

I love how generous we are.

Do I love the government though? This is where it gets interesting…

I love our wonderful Constitution, because it codifies our deep seated values of individual freedom and independence. I love the Constitution because it LIMITS the power of our government. I love the checks and balances of our system of government because it prevents the people in power from grabbing more power, because people in power (both on the Right or the Left) always want more power.

Let me repeat that last point, “People in Power Always Want More Power.” This is a fact that’s been proven throughout history, and it’s as true now as it has ever been.

That is why I am very concerned over one specific issue facing the USA right now; massive vote manipulation on a scale that completely eliminates the concept of a free and fair election, and thus bypasses, subverts and effectively nullifies the Constitution.

No, I’m not talking about Russia. Nor am I referring to China, or even North Korea…

I’m talking about Google and Facebook. These companies hold MUCH more power over the USA than Russia or China could ever hope to. They wield almost total control over the flow of information in our society, and the employees who work in these companies are ready and willing to use this power, regardless of whether it will completely subvert the USA’s free election process.

I believe that this is the most serious issue facing our country right now, and it’s something that you should care about regardless of your political affiliation.

What am I referring to? Watch this video…

And another…

So how much power does Google have?

  • 90% of all search is done on Google.
  • YouTube is the second most searched website, and YouTube is also owned by Google.
  • Google controls which websites they want you to see.
  • They control what order the sites will be displayed.
  • Type a few letters into the search bar, Google suggests what you should be searching for.
  • When you search for a video, they control what videos play next.
  • If you upload a video, Google determines whether the video is appropriate.
  • They also control gmail and they control whether an email (such as your favorite newsletter) goes into your inbox or your junk mail.

This is huge power, and it’s wielded without any transparency. They can do what they want without anyone knowing how they are being manipulated. Should we trust these countries with this power? Can we trust the employees of these countries to not use this power to get the results that they want?

The answer is very clearly NO. This power can subvert the freedom that we Americans enjoy. There has been evidence lately that the employees of these companies have no intention of just sitting back and letting our free election system work as it should. They are determined to use their power to get the results they want.

Just to be clear, the point I am making has nothing to do with which political party you claim allegiance to. This is about the Constitution of the United States, and maintaining free and fair elections, regardless of which way they go.

I believe very strongly that we must protect our country and our Constitution. I have reached out to my Senator to set up a meeting with him to talk about this issue. I’ve never urged anyone to do anything like this in the past, but I do so now. Call your Representative or Senator and tell them about this issue.

What specifically can and should we do? Ted Cruz explains the action that needs to be taken very clearly in this video.

Please tell me your thoughts below.

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  1. Boycott Google! Instead of google, use duckduck go. Instead of chrome, use dissenter. Instead of gmail, use protonmail.

    1. Thanks Aimia. I don’t think it’s that easy. I’m pretty sure Duck Duck Go uses the Google search engine in it’s guts, it just strips away Google’s ability to track you. Which means that Google is still controlling what you are seeing. I totally agree with not using Chrome or gmail, but a boycott will simply not work. I hate replying on government for a solution, but in this case government IS the solution. The bottom video shows how that would happen, although their power to manipulate would still be there.

  2. Yes, Google is extremely dangerous and MUST be dealt with swiftly and firmly, especially given that they are clearly sided with the Chinese military. However, even more important to enforcing the Constitution’s limits on the size and scope of government is each one of us becoming informed of our individual ‘power of the purse’ and then using it to uphold the rule of law. No matter how clear the enumerated powers are to limit government size and scope, if we continue as a society to be uninformed about our power of the purse and hand over our wealth to those hungry for more power, they WILL eventually eat us. Hundreds of thousands of honest, law-abiding Americans have learned to exercise the Founders’ provisions for dispositioning our own wealth, and securing 100% tax refunds, totaling over $2B, from the IRS by reading “Cracking the Code The Fascinating Truth About Taxation in America” or the website. Even if Google is put down like the rabid dog it is, without a few hundred million informed Americans learning and upholding the Constitution’s limits on federal funding, the Constitution’s limits on power will be meaningless. I hope you and your 40,000 readers will read this book and learn one more reason why this is such a great country.

    1. Thanks Brian. That’s not a book that tells people not to pay their taxes is it? I won’t have any part in sharing information on a book that could get people in trouble.

    1. Yes, I use both of these services, and it’s super important for personal privacy and security, but my point goes way beyond personal security. Boycotting these organizations is NOT going to hurt them or prevent them from permanently damaging our country. I am going to meet with my Senator. It has to be a government solution, because these guys are too big and powerful to be affected in any other way.

      Also, as I understand it, Startpage also uses Google as the search engine guts, but it cuts out Google’s ability to track you. This means that Google is still controlling what you see on Startpage.

  3. Every time we say, “They ought to do something about . . .” we are conferring more power on those who thrive on telling other folks what to do, namely anyone with even the tiniest bit of power — consider TSA agents. So, according to Pogo, we have met the enemy and he is us. We abdicate our freedom every single time we pass authority on to someone else. Want to do something about Google? Complain to the folks who buy advertising on their sites. Use their services as little as possible. Write letters to Google management complaining about the way they manipulate the data they collect. Organize a Google shareholders group by buying a few shares of stock each and all go to the annual stockholders meeting and complain about management. Cast negative votes on their proposals. If you don’t mind a misdemeanor violation on your record, disrupt the stockholders meeting with questions from the floor and refuse to yield the floor when they refuse to recognize you. Naw ! Too much effort. Easier to complain and ask the government to assume more power than it already has. And then carp about how much authority the government has assumed over our lives.

    I almost bust a gut laughing at the urban legend that the Russians helped Trump get elected. If Putin directed Russian hackers to help Trump, he certainly hasn’t gotten his money’s worth. The latest I read he was threatening Trump that Russia had nukes too. That hardly sounds like a match made in heaven to me. I won’t bother to list all the activities Donny has instituted to irritate the Russians, but the list is long. If he did help Donny get elected, maybe next election he will back off, realizing that if you can buy the politician, he is only good until someone comes along who offers him more money.

    1. I am totally a small government guy, but this is a national security issue. You can NOT impact Google or Facebook by doing a grassroots effort, or talking to their advertisers. If you suggest this, you REALLY don’t understand the scope of the problem, nor the power that these companies have. These companies are significantly more powerful than Russia or China. These are the most powerful entities that the US government has ever taken on.

  4. Glenn: I am not “on Facebook”. I have no intention of ever being “on Facebook” If all the folks who are “on Facebook” suddenly quit being “on” how would they hurt? They would be exactly the same as they were before they were “on”. But what do you think would happen to Facebook if it suddenly lot 10 million subscribers? Think its stock would drop to penny stock status? Think it would cease to be traded on Wall Street? I respectfully disagree. Grassroots can be effective. Google may be a tougher nut, but Facebook demolition is simple and easy. Once Facebook has become history, Google will certainly start to pay attention, especially if they start getting flak about their business operations from multiple sources. As fas as I can see Facebook serves absolutely no useful purpose whatsoever and if it disappeared tonight in a few weeks nobody would even remember it. It is as useless as a pet rock.

  5. It is a serious problem Glenn, that seems almost insurmountable. It seems likely to me that your approach is probably the best one but still not likely to make things change in a quick way. And as big as the problem and far reaching the problem you bring to attentions it is one of several that are super important. The fact that so many of our elected members of congress are so corrupt and controlled by who donated and paid to put them there is treasonous. Do you not think that a goodly number of them are not there and profiting because of what good old google does? I think we need to change things not only by stripping google and other large greedy corporation of the power that they have amassed to do evil and profit from it but we need to change how our whole election process is handled. We cannot let those who run for office become minions of these wicked multinational corporations that practically run the world because of the unlimited funds they have and the deep and hidden connection they have acquired. We need campaign reform and how the money for it is managed also, so even good people have a chance of winning an elected office. What do you think?

    Truth, Beauty, and Goodness to you,

    1. Jake, we have unrepresenting representatives because they have ignored Madison’s requirement to have one representative for no more than 30,000 constituents. They will not represent their constituents while in the District of Corruption. has a plan to get the Congressmen back home in their districts and Madison’s original Bill of Rights ratified by the states. It seems well organized and worth looking at further. No haven’t finished reviewing it, but it looks good.

  6. Glenn, your solution will never happen. You state the reason yourself. Politicians are, by nature, whores and will prostitute themselves to the highest bidder. Google, et al, can and will simply buy them off! If you truly value the Constitutional Republic the Founders gave us, the only solution is to acknowledge the true nature of the problem – politicians being bought off, and eliminate that. The solution is to make campaign contributions ONLY from REGISTERED VOTERS. No Unions, no PACs, no Corps, no Foreign Nationals and foreign Nations, etc, etc, etc! ONLY REGISTERED VOTERS may contribute and all contributions are published. Make violations Felonies with minimum prison sentence of 10 years and life-time bans on holding public or corporate office. The problem of our government and them letting Google, et al, run amuck will be ended the very same year the cash flow changes.
    Glenn, your heart is in the right place, but your solution is misguided. You will NEVER get the politicians to do the right thing as long as they can be bought!

    1. Thanks Mark, but I don’t understand your solution either. You’re suggesting that politicians will pass a law limiting who can give them money? And that has a higher chance of getting passed?

  7. Hi Glenn. Thank you for replying. I totally agree with your sentiments of not being willing to recommend a book that would put others in danger of getting into trouble or that would urge people not to pay taxes owed. In fact, I fully endorse the scriptural commands to ‘pay Caesar’s things to Caesar and God’s things to God’ and to ‘pay to him who calls for the tax the tax’. This book has not gotten anyone into trouble, other than a handful of recalcitrant criminals who work for the tax agencies, who have resorted to defying the law in the face of informed, educated filers. The next former gun-toting tax agent to be prosecuted is Josh Waites of the GA DOR, who thought he would make a movie camera arrest of Steve Butler, an honest law abiding individual who became a target of this arrogant, hubris-filled thug. Now thug Waites realized he royally messed up, and is subject to civil and criminal legal action. Another is a federal judge who vindictively resorted to subornation of perjury and sent an innocent woman to prison for contempt of court, because the woman could not commit a court-ordered felony related to government attempts to hide the truth disclosed in this book. Little does this judge know that she is about to get exposed for other crimes of money laundering and guardianship abuse, because her earlier, unprosecuted crimes caught the attention of an investigative reporter who is closing in on publication. So no, readers of this book who have learned what the law is, acted honorably to uphold the law, and who have stopped perjuring themselves (in the government’s favor) on their tax returns, have not gotten into trouble as a result of applying the letter and intent of the law that this book reveals. If you are unwilling to read this book just yet, please at least look at the bulletin board page of the website, and peruse the 100% tax refund checks from the IRS and 38 or so state tax agencies, and more importantly review the correspondence between the agency and the informed recipients of those checks. And review some of the short videos of the readers of this book. I have never met you, but you come across as a very honest, level-headed fellow of high moral character with good judgment. I didn’t expect you to allow my comment without some careful consideration, and you still may not. But I do anticipate that you are a fair enough man such that you are willing to look at the website’d bulletin board page. Or at least look for a two minute video on YouTube by a customer and reader who has purchased your Survival Still and folding rocket stove. You can find it by searching YouTube for “Brian Harriss”. Two R’s and two S’s. It’s the only video you will find of me online.

    With respect,

    Brian Harriss

    1. Thanks Brian. I appreciate the comments. As I said in another reply, I will leave your comments up, but I want everyone to know that I’ve never read them nor do I endorse them. Thanks again Brian!

  8. Glenn,
    You and Mike Adams ( should get together and compare notes on how to best bring down Schmidt, Google, and Boston Dynamics. He has been writing about ideas for indicting Google and its people for its criminal behavior for some time.

    1. No, not at all, Glenn! It’s a book that explains some deep information on the tax laws, knowledge of which has led to tens of thousands of Americans recovering $billions in improperly-collected income taxes, through more than five hundred thousand individual claims presented to federal and state tax agencies over the course of more than 16 years now since the book was first published in 2003. Every one of those refunds– which are of all nominal income taxes as well as all Social security and Medicare taxes, are thoroughly vetted before being issued, by the IRS’s own admission. See the details at

      The IRS hates this book, for sure, and won’t hesitate to say so. But the reasons for that are obvious, and the agency’s actions speak a whole lot louder than its words.

      1. Ok. Well thanks for that clarification. I will leave your comments up, but I want everyone to know that I’ve never read them nor do I endorse them in any way. Thanks Brian!

  9. Very interesting videos, or should I say disturbing. I recall that B H Obama went to Silicon Valley and met in a closed meeting with all of the Tech giants. His message and intent were never really dealt with by the main stream media , accept for the lame excuse it was about net neutrality. There is nothing neutral about BHO. Thanks for your work in bringing up such timely and critical issues, and putting them out there for us to consider. Keep up the good work. tk

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