To Help You Sleep

I am not a good sleeper. Never have been.

Once I get to sleep, I’m down for the count. But getting to sleep, that’s tough.

So, I’ve had to really do some good research on things that can help me sleep. Here’s what I’ve found…

The BEST Pillow! I’ve tried many pillows, and the best by far is the Sobakawa pillow that is filled with buckwheat hulls. It provides excellent support for your neck and it’s cool. I will never go without this pillow! Check it out here.

Stay Cool! I am a very hot sleeper. I have restless legs, but I discovered that it’s not really restless legs, but rather it’s my legs getting hot where they come in contact with my mattress. I looked all around for a solution, and found this. It’s expensive, but I absolutely get better sleep because of it.

Ambient Noise. I have the fan running at night because I love the ambient sounds. Here’s another option if you have a computer nearby.

This article titled, Military Secrets to Falling Asleep in Two Minutes has been helpful too.

Tell us your secrets for falling asleep in the comments below.


  1. The ChiliPad is a really neat product. I envisioned something like this 30 years ago, but as a replacement for electric blankets, after seeing a 20/20 episode about the dangers of magnetic fields around electrical transmission lines.

    I recently came across a website advertising a sleep aid that supposedly works for folks for whom melatonin supplements have failed (by the way, exposure to the blue light rays (visible light near the UV spectrum end that is damaging) on handheld devices or computer screens hampers prodution of melatonin, which otherwise increases in healthy humans after sundown). The tea has 10 ingredients: coconut milk, ginger, turmeric, black pepper piperine, reishi mushroom, lemon balm, turkey tail mushroom, cinnamon, acacia fiber oil, and monk fruit. I am going to try the tea, though I generally don’t have any trouble sleeping once I hit the bed. My trouble is returning to sleep if I am awakened after falling asleep. The ambient sound of an air conditioner usually drown out noises that tend to interrupt sleep.

    1. Thanks Brian. I love the Chili pad so much that I actually avoid traveling now because I can’t bring it with me.

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