We work with you to create an effective education-based sales system that generates sales in a stable and reproducible way.

Some products can sit on a store shelf and sell themselves. Other products need an alternative sales process that emphasizes education and trust-building. This is our specialty.

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In this video I explain the difference between traditional distribution systems and our approach. It should help you understand why some products don’t sell well through traditional distribution channels, and how important education is for some products.

Trusted Leader Marketing is a proven system that I developed to launch and sell my own products.

About seven years ago I left my family’s business and launched my own product on a shoestring budget. It was very difficult at first, because people weren’t looking for my product, they didn’t understand my product, and they didn’t even understand why they needed my product.

I came to realize that this was an opportunity for me to educate people, earn their trust and become the authority.

And I did, and I sold millions of dollars’ worth of my products.

Now my team and I help small businesses who are stuck with flat sales or who are launching new products.

I don’t know of any other company that does what we do. The Trusted Leader approach is holistic. It’s a done-for-you service, which means that we put a sales process in place, and then we put our team to work to actively generate sales for you. This is what makes our approach different; it’s a constant, dynamic sales approach that can…

•    Produce quick results.
•    Generate significant sales.
•    And connects you with a highly targeted audience.

Our approach respects your budget. We don’t have fluctuating advertising costs or hidden fees. And it works in harmony with your other sales efforts.

Our Services…

At Trusted Leader Marketing we help you create an education-based sales process that generates stable, reproducible sales while earning you trust and authority.

Done-For-You Service: Our primary service is a holistic, done-for-you service in which we put your entire sales process in place and then we actively run the sales operation for you.

Sales Process Development: If you want to run the sales operation yourself, we can work with you to create everything from the video, the messaging, salesperson training, CRM set-up, websites and more. 

Coaching, Consulting & Training: If you feel your process is good, but there is room for improvement, we can consult, coach and train you.

Sales Process Audit: Do you simply want an audit of your website, video, messaging and sales process? We do this too.

Want to connect? Email me at glenn@trustedleadermarketing.com

Hi, I’m Glenn Meder.

Together with my team at Trusted Leader Marketing, I help entrepreneurs and product developers create a powerful sales process that transforms their businesses. For almost 30 years I’ve been a passionate entrepreneur, inventor, and leader. I’ve brought products to market on a shoestring budget, and I’ve sold millions of dollars of my products.

If you’ve got a product ready to launch, or you have a product on the market, but sales are stagnant, let’s talk. I know it’s tough out there, but I’ll help you cut through the noise to create an effective, sustainable, reproducible sales process. There is nothing more rewarding than breathing life into a new idea that you created from scratch, so let’s get started.

I’d love to help you be successful!

Want to connect? Email me at glenn@trustedleadermarketing.com