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This week a bug was discovered on Apple phones and computers that allows someone to call you on Facetime (an app on Apple products), and then listen in on you even if you don’t answer the call!

WOW! This is a horrible breach of privacy. Doesn’t the thought of this just make your skin crawl?

Yes, it’s horrible, and they will get it fixed pronto, but what can we learn from this?

FIRST, you know all those annoying little update notices on your phone or computer that you keep ignoring? Don’t ignore them. Update your phone AND your apps AND your computer as often as possible.

SECOND, every app on your phone, every program on your computer introduces three potential risks. 1) The app can have a bug in it like the one above. 2) The app can be coded improperly or not supported well and it becomes an open door for a virus to contaminate your phone. Or 3) the app could have been designed from the beginning for nefarious purposes – to spy on you or steal your data.

The solution? Periodically purge your phone and computer of apps that you don’t use. Also, don’t just willy-nilly install apps.

THIRD, right now, your computer and phone have bugs that are not known by the good guys yet, but they may be known to hackers. So be careful. Use a webcam cover. Never blindly trust technology.

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    1. Dave, it’s important to have a VPN, but there are so many different dimensions to online security. It’s just not that simple.

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