Update on Survival Still

As you will notice, it’s been a while since I’ve had Survival Stills in stock. We’ve been going through a change. I am very excited about this change, but the transition has been more difficult than I expected it to be.

For a while now I’ve been talking with my father’s company about taking over the manufacturing side of the Survival Still. They are a manufacturing company, after all, and the Survival Still is a very simple product to manufacture compared to the electrical appliances that they produce, which require hundreds of components and many different suppliers. The Survival Still, in comparison, has less than ten.

I just turned 50, and my desire is to simplify my life. I love educating people about water and the Survival Still, but coordinating the manufacturing of it is not something that I enjoy. So, I recently redoubled my efforts to have my father’s company take over the manufacturing function, while I keep the education aspect. He agreed.

To kickstart the process, we started taking preorders at a reduced price, as long as people were willing to wait a while to receive it. We had quite a few takers (thank you to everyone who participated). Unfortunately, the transition took longer than I anticipated.

Then we started running into the COVID-19 disruption. I can tell you that the average person has no idea how shutting down the economy has affected manufacturing supply chains. The politicians talk about some businesses as being necessary, while others aren’t, but this is not how an economy works. If even a box manufacturer is shut down, it stops everything. Although the Survival Still has few components, it still has many steps in the manufacturing process, and some of these steps happen in States that are in complete lock down.

First, the Survival Stills get formed, then they go out to the laser cutter, then another company deburs them, then they go back for more forming, and then they go to a passivator (acid bath), at which point they get shipped down to Missouri for final assembly and shipment. Any one of these companies gets shut down, and the whole process stops. That’s what we’ve been dealing with.

THE GOOD NEWS is that the Survival Stills are in the final stages of manufacturing, and barring any more shutdowns, I anticipate that they will be ready to ship next week.

Everyone who placed a pre-order will be the first people to receive their shipments. We will also include a free gift with every pre-order as a thank you for your patience.

Now, for the bad news. My father’s company wanted to do a small production run at first to get their feet wet, so we won’t have many. I suspect that they will all be spoken for before we even get them in stock, then we will go through the same process again (but we aren’t going to take preorders again). If you want one, you can order it now.

You can order yours here.

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    1. Hi Renae. We sold out of our first production run, and we are deciding on the next step. I will give you more information as we figure it out.

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