Very Disturbing!

Here is a fact that you must know: you simply can NOT trust your eyes or your ears anymore. Artificial Intelligence can exactly mimic anyone now. You simply can NOT tell the difference.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can now…

A) create completely believable pictures of people who don’t exist, but they look indistinguishable from real people. In fact, there are big name clothing companies and even magazines who are using these images instead of people.

B) create fake videos (called deepfakes) of people saying and doing things, and you can’t tell the difference! This started with celebrities in fake porn videos (Scarlett Johansson tried to pursue this in court but then gave up when she realized that the technology is available to almost everyone now and there is no stopping it). But the bigger danger is political deepfakes, .

C) completely replicate people’s voices to the point that you simply can’t tell the difference. This past weekend I learned about the latest example of this, and it’s truly scary. This technology replicates not only the person’s pitch, but the timing and emotional qualities of the person’s voice. They did this by replicating Joe Rogan’s voice. On this site they give you 8 examples and you have to then decide if the sample is the real Joe Rogan or the AI imitating Joe Rogan.

In my opinion, what this means is that you need to stay emotionally detached and be a skeptic. Remember that people in power (politicians, media, activists, etc) WANT YOU TO BE PISSED OFF! They want you to be upset, because you are easy to manipulate when you are emotional. This will be a huge factor in the next election, and from now on.

How do you think this is going to change the world? Comment below.

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  1. Important article. This tech is lethal as you mentioned in different ways.
    We need to stay in present time and be strong and not give in to emotions and dont read all the negative newspapers and TV junk! Thanks for reminder! 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this Glenn. This shows how much closer we are to Jesus’ return as written of in Revelation. So in that way, it’s really good news! In our everyday lives, it’s really a heads up to be aware and alert. My husband and I watch tv show series and we play the game, “find the agenda message”. It’s so obvious when you’re observing, thereby making it easier to maintain an emotional distance. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thank you for sharing that. Electronic manipulation is becoming more and more prevalent. Google has been manipulating search prompts for quite a while now even though they are false and can be disproven by looking at search analytics. Google is trying to create their version of ‘fairness’ through AI manipulation. They want to create a social justice using their perceptions. They realize that they are trying to change mindsets but not in an open, fair exchange of ideas, but rather through deception. And they feel justified doing it. Scary. Earlier this month in one devastatingly algorithmic stroke, Google removed many of the top natural health and health freedom websites from their organic search results – some losing as much as 90% of their traffic. Unfortunately, many people are only consumers and not thinkers and they live on their electronic devices. They have no sense of history nor any desire to read, learn and grow. Thank you again, Glenn, for alerting us to this. ( Nice name , by the way. I named one of my sons Glenn- 2 n’s – of course!!)

  4. A friend from the Government that I have know for 40+ years told me this a few years ago. If government wants to get rid of you, they have the technology to put you any place in the world, your voice, documentation, everything. The only thing that will save you is someone the has the knowledge to change pictures, voice and documentation. During a test he was involved with, they were showing the results of a test run to some 3 letter agencies and instead of the bad guy being shown, one of the folks in the group was shown. Their point was made. Your screwed if you piss off the Feds.

    1. Yes. The reveal started with Snowden. The really disturbing part is how most people didn’t care about the Snowden revelations.

  5. seems like farenhiet ? 451 and shades of 1984 are soon to be not fiction? People ask why do you talk to yourself, and I answer who else can I trust?

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