Water in an Emergency (Part 1 of 3)

Over the years I’ve trained thousands of people on water, the dangers of water contamination and the importance of water purity. This is a training that I put together to help people understand the important subject of “water in an emergency”. Few people understand this subject (even people who should know it).

Please watch it and share it with your friends and loved ones. This is a training that could save someone’s life. In addition, by understanding this subject, you will also have a greater understanding of the global water crisis.

Part 2 is coming soon.

Do you have questions or comments? Leave them below. Thanks!

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  1. Think the biggest problem right now in California is the Intentional Direct Energy weapons, not sun. 5G weaponized radiation wifi towers are now in place and dangerous. They are priming us, social engineering to accept that EMP attack or damage WILL happen. Honestly, we here do not think that is truthful. See Georgia Guidestones, they want massive die off. Things are exactly as they desire it to be any weakness’s are INTENTIONAL. Suggest addition to supplies some colodial silver product for viral bugs, apple cider vinegar and baking soda to be in hand in addition to you current suggestions. Look forward to the remaining parts of your presentations.

  2. anxious for your next episodes.
    Quick question….could you safely filter sewage contaminated water?
    If so, what filters would be necessary/


  3. Dawn: Glenn might think this is overkill, but if you are use sewage water, first I would strain it through a standard kitchen strainer to get the big stuff out of it. Next I would strain it through a paper coffee filter stick inside a mesh coffee filter.

    Third I would distill it. If I did not have a distiller (for shame) I would boil it until it reached a roiling boil. After it had cooled down I would run it through a water filter.

    You will read varying times for cooking water after it has already reached a boiling boil. That is not necessary. Pasteurization starts at 165°F at sea level. Boiling temperature is 212 at sea level. Unless you are using a pressure vessel, boiling it for ten minutes at a roiling boil doesn’t make it any hotter. That just wastes water, fuel and time. It will be some time before the water cools back down to 165° and pasteurization ceases. There are some cysts that are hard to kill but raising the water to a roiling boil and allowing it to cool back down naturally (not outside in the wintertime with temps below 32) will also kill them.

    You will read that you must adjust for altitude. While I don’t remember the exact numbers at this date, at one time I looked up the data on line which I would urge you to do. I was underwhelmed with the amount of time adjustment that was needed to account for altitude. Unless you are on a hike up Whitney or Denali or are living above 10,000 feet, the adjustment is de minimis.

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