Water Purity is YOUR Responsibility!

I recently went on a water rant, and it was long (but really good, right?). So today I want to make one simple, but vital point; the purity of your drinking water is YOUR responsibility.

If you are relying on the government to protect you and your family and ensure clean and safe water, you are relying upon false hope. It doesn’t matter what country you live in or what type of government you have. It’s not the Republican’s fault, it’s not Trump’s fault and it’s not the Democrat’s fault.

It’s simply a reality of the world we live in; the only way that you can ensure the purity of your family’s drinking water is to do it yourself.

Let me tell you why…

FIRST, the government has created it’s own standards that it has to meet. These standards are created as a political balancing act based on cost versus an acceptable standard of public health, negotiations with political interest groups / industry and how much heat politicians think they will be exposed to. Our current standards enforce limits on less than 100 contaminants that could be in water, compared to tens of thousands that could actually be in the water. There is neither the political will nor the money to solve this problem.

SECOND, even though our standards are very low, many water systems often fail these minimal standards, and there is a minimal penalty for these failures.

THIRD, right now, there are many places around the USA that fail even basic standards for lead in the water. The people drinking this water don’t know that they are drinking lead-contaminated water, nor do they know that their kids could be permanently damaged due to this contamination problem.

FOURTH, even if drinking water became the main concern for everyone across the USA and we decided to move our entire military budget over to solving drinking water contamination, our current approach to infrastructure could not solve the problem. We’d have to change our system to emphasize purification at your home, not a centralized location that then pipes it everywhere.

BUT HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS; while contamination can’t be fixed for everyone, it’s actually quite simple to purify your own water (learn how here). I realize that this is not the answer that many people want to hear, because we want the best for everyone, but reality is what it is. Take care of you and your family, and then help educate others.

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  1. Glenn: I sure would have liked to have read your info. As I have indicated before, I am hard of hearing and recorded sound or electronically reproduced sound just doesn’t work for me. That is an affliction that is endemic among veterans who have been subjected to gunfire during their tours of duty, especially in us really ancient guys who were in gunfire way before hearing protection was invented β€” yes, there actually was a time when nobody wore hearing protection. Those pictures you see of guys on the flight deck with their Mickey Mouse hats on β€” that isn’t hearing protection, that is radio comms with the flight deck control officer. Yeah it helped a little bit, like putting a dixie cup over your ears. My cousin worked the flight line on jets as an aviation ordinance man in Vietnam and never had hearing protection. The Marine Corps got tired of having to pay hearing disability and now hearing protection is mandatory. Get you office hours if you don’t wear them. My cousin was deaf by the time he left the Marine Corps. My deafness didn’t really present itself until I was many years out.

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