Why ZAM-POP! is a Great Investment Right Now!

You know that we are in the process of having a Pre-Launch Event for ZAM-POP!, right? We know that this game is going to become very popular, because this isn’t just a game that we came up with one night. We’ve been playing it for decades. We know it inside and out, and everyone we teach it to loves it as much as we do.

So, like I said, we know it’s going to become very big. So hold that thought while I talk about the special offer we are making.

As part of our Pre-Launch Event, we are creating a special collector’s edition, which I predict will become very valuable down the road. Here’s what we are doing…

Every Pre-Launch Box Set will be a Zounders Club Special Collector’s Edition. This means that once the game officially launches, we will never make the Zounder’s Club Edition available again, ever. So whatever we print during the Pre-Launch is it.

Even better though, we are printing limited run, numbered and signed ZAM cards that will never be printed again. We are limiting these cards to 250 of each card type. The first card was the “Mistletoe” Card. After the first 250, it’s gone forever! It will never be printed again.

After that, we will release the “In the Doghouse” card. This card will only have 250 printed, ever. They will be numbered and signed.

After that, we will release the “Swear Jar” card. Again. Only 250 of these cards will be printed.

So, if ZAM-POP! takes off and becomes the next big game, which I believe it will, the collector’s editions and especially the cards could become extremely valuable!

It’s only a $50 investment (plus $10 S&H) for two Collector’s Sets and a unique ZAM Card. If it were me, I would buy a set for each unique ZAM card that we publish.

Whether you play the game or keep it as an investment, you can’t go wrong! Go here and get your ZAM-POP! pre-order in today!

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